What size are stock 00 426 bars?

Why did they weld bar clamps to the triple?!? :thumbsup: Will 7/8 renthals fit the stock 00 426 bar clamps? How do I know what size, bend, angle the stock WR bars are? Will the stock throttle fit over the fatty and double bars, or the pro-tapers? Thanks in advance.

Stockers are 7/8" YZ bars. Have to either use 1 1/8" big bar universal adaptor or swap out the upper triple clamp assembly. Adaptors bolt to the bottom bar clamps of your existing triple clamp and will raise and move your bar forward slightly(this is the cheapest way to go if you want to use oversize bars). All oversize bars use your stock controls, as they are stock diameter at the ends of the bars, only oversize at the clamp area, then transition to 7/8" at the ends. Hope this clears up your dilemma.

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