Which Knee Braces?

Donjoys, Asterisks, EVS, CTi2s, or what?







I picked up some Asterisks a couple of months ago (with the help of a Dr's prescription) and they are solid. They fit perfectly in my Tech-6 boots....the only problem I had was getting used to them....1st ride out I felt like I couldn't grip the bike, now I feel like I can't grip the bike WITHOUT them! I can't speak on the other brands but these don't hinder my range of motion and have not slipped at all. Just make sure you take accurate measurements and get the right size for you.

I hate to say it, but try a search. You will find a huge amount of info.

I wear the CTI2 brace and love it, oh and by the way I have absolutely positively no association with innovation sports or the CTI2 knee brace they produce so don’t go looking in my profile to prove any different. :):D:D

yeah right barnyard :D

hey but you have a bike right? :)

I wear the Asterisk and have been vary happy. My only advise is, do not try and tighten them too tight, wear them comfortably snug and you will love them. Buckle from the bottom up. If you wear them too tight they will slide down your leg and become VERY unconfortable.

I haven't tried anything else, but I'm happy with my EVS RS-6's

i have the cti2's i love them . i took a hard spill and i think they saved my knee's plue my insurence payed for them

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