Compression is weird. HELP!

K, I ride a 426 (obviously), it is an 01. I ride it a lot. At least once a week, sometimes 3! Well my motorcycle doesnt have any compression anymore when it is cold and it is really hard to start. But once I start it and it warms up, the compression comes back and it is easy to start again. But whenever it is cold there is no compression and it is hard as hell to start. SO>>> Do I need a new top end, or just rings?

>>>>> Is there something wrong with my valves?

Let me know!

Sounds like you have stuck valve syndrome. Have you ever had the head apart? Did you say that the bike started before or after the compression retuned? Try this, after you warm it up, stop it and put the piston in top dead center (so that the valves are closed and no tension is on the springs), and let it cool down. Then see if it still has compression.

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