WR side panels on a YZ?

I kinda biffed into a cactus a few weeks back and by the time I was able to crawl out my muffler had melted a hole in my side panel. They were both pretty scraped up anyhow and I was thinking of getting new ones but I'd like to add a WR overflow bottle so I'd like to know if the WR panels will bolt up to my 99YZ. That way I'd have room for the bottle inside the extra wide WR panel. Anybody got that one on top of their head. I'll just pull a few more thorns out of my leg while I'm waiting. Here's a tip, if you happen to be riding last in the group, don't wreck into a small Chevy sized cholla cactus garden. Nobody will see the wreck and it'll take awhile for them to come back and help out.

Hey I bought YZ side panels for my WR and the left one fit with some trimming on the inside where it butts up against the sub-frame. Also I think a YZ sub-frame don't have a mount for a WR overflow bottle. But I could be wrong! I have a bottle if you want it make me an offer I also have wr side panel if you want it too! I can take some pics and send it to ya! PM me if you want them :thumbsup:

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