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I read in a different post that the length of the breather hose comming from the head was important for the power of the bike. Is this true? Mine was damaged, and I cut some of it off. Was this a bad thing to do?

Also, I heard of running ATF in your engine. If this works ok, then what type do I use?

A shorter breather will make it easier to suck junk into the motor but won't affect the power. I would replace it with a new one for the first reason. Also some oil will come out and you don't want that blowing all over your motor.

Don't use ATF in the motor, bad idea. Follow the manual.

If there is a possibility of sucking dirt in the breather, then shouldn't it have a filter on it?

I cut mine short so it would'nt be hanging out in the mud and water, and I also always broke the zip ty holding it, I was thinking about routing it up under the seat to the airbox but have not got around to it.

Some people run ATF in their tranny, but never in the motor. With the Yamaha motor oil doing double duty that's a definite no-no.

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