Something I must Do

Hey all, I normally try to keep things professional here :)

Nah but this is very close to my heart.

I just want to encourage everyone to help in anyway for cancer research. My mom passed away Dec 21st 1998 from pancreatic cancer, since then I have been somewhat involved in my local chapter and support groups.

This weekend I ran into some old friends of my daughters in San Jose, This little girl age 12 has been fighting Leukemia for a couple of years now. Even Though she is not out of the woods yet, prognosis is good. She is getting treatment at Stanford U, one of the best places to be for Cancer Research.

But here is the issue, treatment is expensive, some families have limited means and Stanford does not turn people away becouse of that. It takes people like you and I to help. Buy donating time, money, clothes, Wigs (Yes Wigs) all this helps with offsetting the cost of treatments and supplies.

Something I would love to do in the future is start a yearly enduro or mx benefit for the local chapter, I dunno.

Well sorry for being smoofy but hey it is another side of the Ego, again any donation to your local chapters is a good thing, Here is a link for additiona info in your areas


I know all about the cancer ordeal. My Mother has been struggling with Lung Cancer for nearly 8 years. She has been on a dozen different types of medicine, chemo numerous times, radiation etc. I must say she is a fighter. I wish that I could take her pain away. She is now on another type of Chemo and has lost all of her hair again. She has had surgery 3x and is missing parts of both of her lungs. My father has 9 major back operations and had a heart attack when he was 43 which led to triple bypass surgery. Needless to say my family has had a rough history of health problems. I feel the pain and sympathy for anyone who has had to undergo family health issues. If there is anything I can do let me know. I pray each night that my mother will get better. I just wish that the world would find a cure for Lung Cancer so my mother could get better. Her cancer just keeps growin. Sorry don't mean to bring anyone down it just sucks when you see a family member that is sick. Everyone who thinks they have problems needs to check thereself and realize how lucky they are. I thank the man everyday for letting me be healthy and do such things as ride my bike. Frank


you said more then I could get out, it is a common thread that alot of us share and yet know one talks about. Cancer can be beat, there are new drugs being developed every day. Unforthunatly some of these drugs can run as high as 1k for a 30 day supply.

Thats is why I posted this, fortunatly my daughters bud, her family has good insurance that picks up the tab, (Most of it), but some kids and adults and less fortunate.

Prayer has been known to move mountains, somthing I believe in entirly :)

Best to your mom she is on the list

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Thanks for that Ego, I do appreciate it. I agree Cancer can be beat. My mom looks at it like she is losing the battle. I keep her spirits up by telling her she has been winning for the past 8 years. WE WILL EVENTUALLY FIND A MEDICINE THAT WILL WORK! I really believe that. Frank

Your doing the right thing Frank

Your Mom Can beat it and she will with family like you helping her.

My Mom fought cancer for about 6 years, on the last check up they diagnosed Pancreatic that had mastisized from another area. That pretty much was the blow that caused her to just give up..

im sorry to hear that egoahole/ the only thing i can do is donate a few buck thru my credit card. how can i do it man?

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