List your best and worst bike

Here is one list your best and worst bike over the years?

Worst 1981 Suzuki RM125. That thing just broke looking at it.

Best 1986 Kawasaki KX250. Bulletproof race a hole race season and i just replaced the chain/sprockets and tires. :)

Worst Bike

:) 250 Bultaco Astro, The thing disitingrated itself in one race, rebuilt and siezed another crank on the second, sold before race #3

Best Bike(s)

Thats a draw between three

1: yz250c Short-tracker

2: 650/750 Shell-Thuett champion framed Yamaha Dirt Tracker

3: yz426

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best bikes in owned or own are <ul type="square">1993 *kx125 it never broke down ,this bike just flat of ripped,its definetly my all time favorite,,1996 cr250 this was best bike ive ever rode on closed course,turned on a dime and jumped like it had wings.seemed bullet proof,1998*kx250 great outdoor bike it ate the other 250's for dinner,untouchable down long stretch

worst bikes are<ul type="square">1980 kx80[i probably replaced cylinder 50 times],1993 *cr250 headshake was so bad thought my arms were going to be pulled out of sockets.

i still own bikes with *

Worst bike's ever,

86' yamaha XT350...turn the throttle it would spit a quart of oil out of the muffler. (needless to say it smoked a little LOL)

93' KX250 paid 1,000 for it put 3,500 in it. All I did was work on it. must have had that motor down 20x Finally just sold it at a hell of a loss $1,540 bucks on ebay and I had to deliver it.

fourwheeler: 88' kawasaki mojave 250 plain junk, nothing more broke while it was sitting in the shed by itself overnight. It was pissed when I rode it so it broke, when I wasn't riding it I swear something was breaking.



87' XR200R bought it to replace the oil burning XT350. Paid 1,000 sold it for 1,000 6 years later. Still running today with nothing done but change the oil!!

90' CR500R man that thing was powerful. paid 1,200 for it sold it for $2,000. Guy blew it up next day. I think he has like 8,000 invested in it now! "how do you blow up a CR500R" He said he actually was overrevving it. He should be dead! LOL

Worst bike...'98 YZ-400. Blown up three times now.

Best bike..'98 YZ-400. When it stays together it is awsome. The suspension is awsome (after revalve). Hopefully the 426 top and bottom end, and Wr transmission will hold up this time.

The worst was not mine but I raced it one time for a local hop up shop.

1975 Yamaha SC-500 (could have been a 74). You may remember the silver tank with red strip, single cylinder tractor. The throttle stuck wide open on the second lap. I held on for five turns. Bailed out as the bike went sailing off the backside of a big man made berm.

:) Last seen the bike was headed for the water hole in the middle of the old Slidell Speedway just outside New Orleans.

The best is my 426. Next would be the 1988 Maico 400. What a great bike.

Well I think the worst was my 1985 Honda CR250 what a pos. best was a toss up 97 KX250 great bike, and 98 Yam YZ400F once I learned to ride it like a 4 stroke not a 2 stroke.

Last time I checked ATK was still in business but barely. The 406 used to have a clutch that Mighty Joe Young wouldn't be able to squeeze. I made up some clutch lever assemblys that really helped. I relocated the hole and pressed in 2 mini ball bearings. I traded one of them to one of the R&D guys at ATK for some parts. They wanted me to make 50 of them. I told them don't drop the bike on the left side. They asked why and I told them you'll break the only clutch lever like that you'll ever have. They were to time consuming to make. They didn't think I was very funny.

My worst bike: 1995 Suzuki Rmx, 2 complete engine rebuilds in a matter of 6 months with just easy riding, no racing. The thing still has noise coming from the clutch side of the engine, GARBAGE.

My best, well just look at my signature, that tells the story. :)

worst: 87 end 3 times in a year, once sold it junked the bottom and top end, head and stator.

best either a 92 YZ250, it always ran no matter what, only had to change a plug once in 2 and a half years of owning. after a wreck, nothing would be broke it was just fine. only bent handlebars maybe.

or my 426 because of power and suspension, i think now that its warmer itll stop fouling plugs so im happy with it now

I've had so many bikes I realy don't remember all of them, so I say

worse bikes: the ones that would'nt run

best bikes: the ones that would


Had a couple RM's growing up that used to break all the time and I had no choice but to work on them myself and for this I became interested in the mechanical side of thanks Suzuki!!

Best bike...for the dirt>>>> no doubt my 01 YZ426F..after getting used to a four..I'll never own another two stroke..why??? I got comfortable on it pretty quick and I'm riding more confident these days..The 426..the hottest 4 stroke..major league balls and great suspension outta the box!!!

Best bike: the 88 Honda Spree. I put well over 6,000 miles on that thing, best high school ride you could imagine. Got 1 mile per $0.01 of gas. Can't beat that. Did not have to wear a helmet, and all of the girls wanted rides.

They wanted a ride on the scooter, too.


Worst bike: The XT600. It never broke down, but every time it went over in the woods, something on it was going to break. Big heavy pig.

yznvegas, that noise is just normal wear on the primary drive gears. No problem, mine has that and i pound on that machine and it hasnt let go yet so its fine by me.

Best bike: I would have to say my RM just because of the great hit (Adjustable power valve, hits so hard most people wouldnt ride it if i let them), instant throttle rsponse, and great handling.

Worst bike: a week ago it would have been the RM. Nothing but trouble. Top end, clutch gaskets,big oil leak. It burned up all my cash but it looks like everything is gonna work out.

worst bike: TTR225

best bike: anything that is not a TTR225

Moto, you said that noise is normal but I heard different. I was told that clutch could come apart and blow up another bottom end. :)

I think the general consensus is that suzuki 2-smokes are jizzunk!!!!!!!

DARN :):D:D YZ400COURT had the same thing to say! Best 00/426 (when it ain't broke 70% of time)

Worst: 00/426 (when it's broke 30%)

Overall, I'd rate my 88/CR500 the best overall bike I've ever owned. I'm just a lot faster on the YZ :D

Worst Bike - 1980 YZ465

best Bike/s - 1997 CR-250 and 2001 YZ426F :)

yznvegas, i use the "it can make whatever noise it wants at idle as long as it goes away when you rev it". Ill talk to the local expert mechanic and see what he says. He seems to be an RM expert. He has owned quite a few. I was in my clutch last week and there seems to be no problems.

OZZY, i have an 87 KX 250 woods bike. After the FC revalve and the DG pipe (a few other motor mods too) its got tons of low-mid and great suspension. Its the most stable thing i have ever riden. Definately a great bike.


did you happen to put a gear in backwards on the clutch side?

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