List your best and worst bike

Best Bikes

* 1982 Yamaha 465 IT This bike never broke down.

* 1987 Honda CR 500 Ran like a top

* 2001 Yamaha 426 YZF This is what all bikes should be like. IMHO :)

Worst Bikes

* 1986 YZ 490 Nothing on earth can ride this bike and not have it's hands fall asleep from the vibration. If you never plan on turnig the bike, you can stay on it. Oh... one more thing, WHAT BRAKES!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Hey Ego... did you own a 490? Just wondering because from the Egos bail video, it looks just like how my old 490 treated me :D:D .

those year suzuki clutches come loose and wear right thru sidecover.ive seen it.

Worst bike.....Kawi KE125.

....It was a smoker with oil injection and going up a long hill..about 1/3 mile steep it went out and siezed up. Let it cool down and headed back down dropped the clutch in 3rd and "?UNSIEZED?" it!!

Always working on it.

Best bike.......

Probably a close 2nd would be my 1985 XR250r.

I beat the CRAPPPP outta that thing and it kept on going.

I don't EVER remember changing the oil!

Revved it to 22,000 rpm and never blew up. or was it 32,000???

I read a story in Dirt Bike a long time ago about a guy that wanted a new bike and his wife said only if his blew up. SO......She was at work and he put his XR up on a bucket duct taped the throttle wide open , started it and went to the grocery store expecting it to be DEAD when he got back.

He got back and it was dead on the bucket but showed no signs of anything really wrong . Tried to start it and it still had compression. Checked the spark and still there. Looked to see if it had fuel in the cylinder......NO....checked the tank.....The damn thing had just run outta' GAS!!!

fired right up and kept going for 2 more yrs!!!

But surely my funnest and most enjoyable bike is my 99' 4hun!

Hands down the fastest! :)

Not to mention the most Dinero I have ever spent on a bike and accesories!! :D

BUT I got a lot of trophies to show for the ???.......$7k???.....LOL

1990 XR100 Best because it was my first, otherwise my 01 426 is my favorite.

The worst was my 91 KDX250. It did not turn for sh1t and I always had to repair it.

My best bike was a 1995 YZ-250. It never broke, got a bunch of trophies on it.

The worst was a 1990 ATK 406. ATK stands for A Thousand Kicks because thats how many it took to start the thing. I learned to park on hills.

speaking of ATK, what ever happened to that company


92 KTM250EX/C

- Second ride, split pipe. Ingested mucho sand,

- Third ride, trashed top end.

- 2 bad stators (3 months apart)

- 2 broken front axle carriers

- split seat cover

Two years of racing produced one 3rd OA B, and 6 DNFs


2001 426F

- 9 races: 4 1sts, 2 2nds, 2 3rd's and a 4th.


Worst bikes:

89 YZ490. Fast as hell, but quick to break down.

91 CR250. Got a great deal on it, and now I know why.

Best bikes:

72 Yamaha 100 Enduro (w/purple gas tank)that was my first bike, and it took a beating!

99 YZ400. So far so good.

My worst bike was a 1980 Yamaha IT 175.

I Don't think it was a bad bike I just got it in 1985 after my uncle rode the I.S.D.E. on it (at that time it was the I.S.D.T.)Then mt teenage cousin had it for a few years and thrashed it.I got it just because I was too big for my YZ 80 at age thirteen.I think my 83 YZ 80 was faster and the IT always broke down.It was just a worn out bike.

My best was a 1991 KTM 300 great usable power and no problems with the bike.

worst and first 84 Suzuki DR 100

Best and Present 2000 Wr 400 fully converted to a Yz I mean everything frame up and plenty of mods not that the Bike even needs em its a beast from the factory. Only on top end and timing chain rebuild done one yera ago and I average riding about 5 times a week 2 of which are all dayers and only minor mantnance is need shit I only change my oil like once every month and it still stays in the cross hatches and just recently I put an 05 yz 450f alum rear sub frame in there, no notice in wheight change but geometry feels different and once I got used to it I was averaging 1/2 shorter lap times at my local track. definitly 2 THUMBES UP !

Yeah i had a 75 yamaha enduro with a 400cc 2 smoke old beet up but everything worked even the lights cheap as hell to buy I mean real cheap and it was fast as hell that was 2 years ago so i dont exactly remeber the exact feeling of speed on the bike but at the time it felt like the fastest thing on earth I would like to see how it would compare to my new worked up 400

Worst: a CZ 250 1992 a had 10 years ago ... it was a impulse buying, an almost new bike for about 300 bucks! ... the bike was so unreliable i could hardly belive it ...

Best: my present yz426 2002 ....

Worst = 72 Bultaco Alpina 250. Hardly ever ran.

Best = Tie 87 CR250 best suspension and brakes in its day or 05 WR450 1 full season nothing broke yet.


2002 CR250 - This bike had so much vibration and the engine was so hard to ride. Bike never agreed with me. It somehow felt really big or fat or something too. It took the fun factor out of riding. At least the suspension was good though.

2002 RM125 - It's hard for me to call this bike one of the worst because it was actually one of the funnest bikes I've owned. It did everything perfectly when it was running, but that's the thing. It blew up 3 times in the period of around 4 months.


2003 YZ250F - Good suspension, good power, good handling. Fast, light, reliable, and super fun! Great all around bike. I want to keep it but I also want the 450, hmm....

2000 YZ250 - I bought this bike used, rode and raced this bike 2-3 times a week for over a year and all I had to do was replace some clutch plates. The power was big but smooth, suspension was great after I had it revalved for me, and overall the bike just fit me well. I loved this bike.

So far...

best dirt: 2003 yz250f

worst dirt: 79 yamaha 80 - i think it was a 79, but i was 6 then lol

best street: 2000.5 Aprilia RSVR - mmm the bling bling ohlins, oz wheels, etc

worst street: 87 VFR - at least by today's standards

i havent really had any "bad" bikes so to call those "worst" is pretty hard to even post.

Worst...hmm, never had a bad one. Just lucky I guess.

Best..'00 KX250, bomb-proof. Never did anything but change tires/chains/sprockets.

'98 at first sight. :applause:

Worst: '79 YZ 80 (my first 2-stroke and first 80), '95 CR 250 (cracked swingarm, fork recall, headshake that scared the crap outta me)

Best: '94 YZ 250, '98 KX 250 (box stock both of these smokers rocked). But by far, my favorite bikes have been my Yammie 4-strokes: '01 YZ 426, '02 YZ 250F, and my current '02 YZ 426. Rock solid, dependable, bullet-proof, period.


worst...97 suzuki RMX 250, the thing cracked powervalves all the time and if you let it go it sucked them in the cylinder and wrecked the piston.

Best... 99 xr400 and 02 yz426, purely bulletproof bikes. bikes: tie between the 86 XR250 (I beat the crap out of it and it never broke, ever) and my current '05 YZ450 (amazing I haven't wrecked hard on it yet, but it keeps soaking up all the things I throw at it)

worst: 95 KX500, even though I made about a grand $ on it, the thing broke a clutch cable and had a hole in the radiator (from the plastic rock guards) in a matter of 5 hours of use. Piece of crap, but nice power....

Hey, my 1000th post, woo hoo

good thread to put it on!

Best MX bike:2002 YZ250-100+ motos on original top end. it does everything very well. Holeshots, jumps, turns.......just excellent. I won 3 championships on this one....including last years state title. It will probably stay my favorite until I take delivery on my '06 YZF450SE. I'll hate selling this one, cause it may be my last two stroke! :applause:

Best Dual sport:my 1990 XT 600. What a great bike for it's intended purposes. I got a fantastic deal on it, it was a insurance write off from hurricane andrew in Florida 1992. I bought it on a salvage title for $1000 after the dealership had rebuilt it. I rode it for 12-13 years, put 25,000 miles on it(including a ride from Florida to Alaska )and sold it for $800 last year.

Best off road bike: 2003 WR450F, great bike, my first modern 4 stroke, electric start!!! I never had a day of trouble with mine. It was just a bit too heavy for my taste. Awesome motor. I pulled 16 out of 20 holeshots MXing that thing one season.

Best Street bike:1990 FZR1000--It was the bike to own in those days. Wicked fast, beautiful and handled like no one's business for a liter bike. Still in love with that bike. It was stolen from me.....down in West Palm Beach....on the way to Moroso speedway. I still have the keys!

Worst bike: 1984 YZ490.....Well, at the time, I didn't think it was all that bad. I won my first championship on it.

BUT It vibrated, it pinged, it was air-cooled, had crappy suspension even for it's time, it had drum brakes and a 4 speed tranny with a 125 style powerband...... only it made well over 50HP when I was through modding it. Whoa nelly! Those old enough to have ridden open bikes know what I'm talking about!

Parts rattled off during 15 minute moto's on that beast even though they had been tightened beforehand. Shoddy hardware and poorly fit plastic. The airbox was a poor design. Truly a wretched machine. Yamaha kept churning them out long after the other makes went to watercooling and several of us idiots kept buying them!

Funny, they still ice race them up here on the frozen lakes. They are bullets to this day but they make me cringe to this day!

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