List your best and worst bike

Worst bike's ever,

93' KX250 paid 1,000 for it put 3,500 in it. All I did was work on it. must have had that motor down 20x Finally just sold it at a hell of a loss $1,540 bucks on ebay and I had to deliver it.


my brothers uncles cousin bought that bike thanks for ripping him off! :applause:

best bikes 71 honda sl 70 out lasted many bikes,93 yz 250,03 yzf 450 has been good so far. worst 80 cr125,70 something husky 360,74 yamaha mx 360,these were old bikes that i wish i had them all back!

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Best bike I ever had was a 93' RMX 250

Worst bike i ever had was a 99' KX 250 What a piece of crap.

Hey, my 1000th post, woo hoo

good thread to put it on!

Best Street bike:1990 FZR1000--It was the bike to own in those days. Wicked fast, beautiful and handled like no one's business for a liter bike. Still in love with that bike. It was stolen from me.....down in West Palm Beach....on the way to Moroso speedway. I still have the keys!

Worst bike: 1984 YZ490.....Well, at the time, I didn't think it was all that bad. I won my first championship on it.

BUT It vibrated, it pinged, it was air-cooled, had crappy suspension even for it's time, it had drum brakes and a 4 speed tranny with a 125 style powerband...... only it made well over 50HP when I was through modding it. Whoa nelly! Those old enough to have ridden open bikes know what I'm talking about!


Good history, that.:-)

I know what you're talking about regarding the "open" bikes . . . I ride with three old-timers (myself with my "underdog" YZ400F) who ride CR500 2-stroke Honda's . . . talk about fast. I also had an FZR1000, a fine bike!

My worst: 1978 PE 175 Suzuki enduro; so slow it wouldn't get out of it's own way.


My (2) best: YZ400F; great all-around bike, I immediately became competitive at local MX with it. Other "BEST" bike is my '03 Gixxer 1000, this thing smokes; more seat-of-the-pants thrust than CR500 2-strokes, whoa!

Worst bike I ever owned was this 98 Husqvarna TC 610, man what a piece of crap, it blew up and I could not´t find parts, I had to get them in Italy :ride:

And the vibration was a pain, also the clutch was so hard

And the left side kick starter was a pain thank good I sold it I really hate Husqvarna, but the brakes were awesome and the exell rims too

Conclusion it was a piece of crap


The Kawi 98 KLX 300 I abused it so much what an excellent bike

And My current 99 YZ 400 no problems at all :applause:

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LOL - Good one. :applause:

Since I wasn't a TT member when this Ancient Thread was posted I am going to post now.

Best Bike: 89 Suzuki RMX 250. Raced and rode for 10+ years. The bike wouldn't break. You could throw off a roof top and it would still be running long after it hit the ground. The ultimate woods machine in its day. I think my YZ426 is going to surpass the RMX but I haven't had it long enough.

Worst Bike: Kaw KE100 76 - I believe. A piece of s%it. My dad and worked on it more than we rode it...

Best 2005 YZ 450 never ceases to keep me off the ground!

Worst 1980 CR 430 Hunk of varnish third ride I went to kick start it and it kicked back and broke the center cases, took it to Mr. Mitch Payton at UP tite Hunk of varnish who was the Hunk of Varnish rep wanted 1600 to fix it after they had given me the bike for free, I gave it back.

**Newbie digs up Ancient Thread**Film at 11:00**:ride::p

It's evidence that the newbie used the search tool though :applause:

Worst - 78 CR125 Elsinore

Best - 03 WR450F

I don't have much exposure though. :p

The worst for sure was a 1973 Ossa six day replica. It did run for about 6 days. There have been lots of good bikes. Honda MR 175 saved me from taking up another sport. Yamaha it200s made me look like a good rider. Kawasaki kdx200 paid me lots of contingency money. But my favorite so far, 2001 yz250f. 47 years old and we got second overall at the last hare scrambles, missed first by 1 second(nobody showed up, it looked like rain) My dealer says my 06 450f se will ship Dec 9th.

DARN :applause::ride::p YZ400COURT had the same thing to say! Best 00/426 (when it ain't broke 70% of time)

Worst: 00/426 (when it's broke 30%)

Overall, I'd rate my 88/CR500 the best overall bike I've ever owned. I'm just a lot faster on the YZ :p

I also had a 88 CR500 . . . it was wickedly fast. The guy I sold it to still races it in +45 class, does all the doubles; that thing still rocks!

Only 1 worst bike an unknown year kx125,POS wouldn't run and wasted more time and money on it than I would admit.

Several good bikes Kawasaki Green Streak 69' I think ,absolutely hauled when it was running,79'maico 400 tractor like engine super dependable,Yz80 unknown year my sons 1st bike was incredibly dependable and ran pretty good for a 80

The best?Thats easy my 04' yz450

Best bike: I had a few good ones, but my Honda Z50R takes the cake. That thing went more miles than my Toyota truck (90% of them at max RPM) and it still starts right up! There was never a more bullet proof bike made.

Worst bike: 1971 Honda SL70. Bought it for $75 when I was a kid and it was ragged when I got it. Burned about 50/50 gas and oil. One day it suddenly lost power; popped the cylinder off and the piston rings were in a bazillian pieces. First time I ever saw rings do that!

Favorite bike: 2001 YZ426, yahooo!!!

Worst bike = 1970 Norton Commando S I couldn't keep that motor together to save my life. It was even worse when I installed an 810 Dunstall kit in it. Also, the Isolastic engine mounting system was a pain.

Best Bike - 1970 Norton Commando S. Damn! That thing was fun to ride when it ran. Especially for a 19 year old

Best Bikes: '87 CR250R, my parents bought it for me brand new after I graduated high school. I loved that thing, had some of the best rides in my life on it. I met some great people and discovered some awsome riding areas in Northern California. I still have it, and actually gave it back to my dad when I bought a brand new '96 RM250 so we could ride together.

Tied for first is my '99 YZ400F. Every time I ride it I have a great time on it. It's so stable and the suspension works great off road. It's also as reliable as an ax (other than a bought with dirty gas that clogged up the pilot jet).

Worst: '96 RM250. It was reliable, but the suspension was a nightmare, and the headshake was awful. I never got totally comfortable on that bike, and when just when I felt good on it, it would go into a headshake and throw me on the dirt. I suffered some of the worst get-offs on that bike, my shoulder has never been the same since I dislocated it on that friggin bike. I've never crashed hard on my YZ400, it is such a huge difference.

Tied for Worst: '86 Husky 510. My first venture into the 4-stroke world. It sucked. The suspension and brakes sucked compared to my '87 CR250, and it would blow a fork seal just by sitting too long. I sold it after it consumed a quart of oil on just 1 ride. By the way, it was a b*tch to start. People complain the older YZF's are hard to start, but it was nothing compared to this beast.

**Ancient Thread Takes on New Life**Old Guy Posts**

My worst bike was my second one, the first one that was really mine, that I chose. It was a 1966 Yamaha YDS3-C "Scrambler" (scrambler applied to a Japanese bike in those days meant that it had high pipes, rubber fork boots and exposed shock springs). Of course, I thought at the time that it was the greatest thing I could ever own, but in retrospect, it was absolutely wretched. It was a pipey two-stroke 250 twin that weighed 350 pounds, had a 51" wheelbase, and had treacherous handling in the dirt. It was also the first bike I raced on a dirt track (by removing the lights and bolting a number plate on). As I look back, I could have learned so much more much faster on any number of British or Spanish bikes. It did need to be a "dual-sport", because for a while, it was my primary personal transportation, so, I don't know, maybe a BSA Goldstar would have been better. :applause:

The best bike? There have been so many, each with pages of great stories to recall...the Goldstars, the Nortons, the Trident, the Matchlesses, the incredible CR500, etc, etc. Clearly the best bike I have ever owned is my YZ450F. It's so far advanced technologically compared to anything I've owned previously that it still amazes me if I think about it too long. But I think that the one bike that was the best in its day, the one I wish I had never sold, is the 1971 BSA Victor B50MX that I bought brand new. I won so many races on that thing just by not having all the power of the big two-strokes that the smoker guys were starting to conspire against me (or I'm paranoid, but we'll never know now). 5 or 6 of us would leave a corner at the bottom of a hill, they'd spin, I'd bite, and off I'd go by myself. And, of course, being a four-stroke, it behaved better in the corners, too. It was just really great fun to ride, and it was the height to youthful shortsightedness to have ever gotten rid of it.

Worst bike was a Suzuki Z400. Terrible.

Best bike, the YZ426 is good but 2001 R1 is the best.

Great response Greyracer!

Brings back memories!

Worst bike was way back in the day. First bike I ever had. KE100.

Best bike and fav. of all time although it will rattle the fillings out of your mouth is YZ490.

Worst 74 MX 250 Yamaha, top the scales higher then my WR, slower then a XR 250 and they had these ridges on the rims to make them stronger and if it was wet the balance of the tire was a issue from 3rd gear on, it didn't break- just really sucked!!!

Best 82 YZ 490 ( see avatar ) Gobs of smooth power through the best geared 4 speed, it never cared which gear it was in, never once broke, so easy to maintaine and in it's time a great desert bike.

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