List your best and worst bike

Worst, a 79 rm125. Even look at a trail, and it would overheat. I spent most of my time waiting for it to cool down so I could go for another 5 minutes.

Best, my 2000 DRZ 400. Absolutely bulletproof with a nice,wide useable power band. Once I had the suspension revalved, it was simply amazing on almost every thing.

04' yzf 450, time will tell, but so far I'm in love with this bike.

My worst bike Hands down , was a 1983 KTM 495. The motor was an absolute brute , I mean scary fast. The suspension was a white power pogo stick. A HORRIBLE BIKE! My Best Bike was a 1992 wr 250 yamaha. What a sweet machine.

worst bike was a 1990 yz 490 sooooo fast but it was a tank and the suspension was horrible. best bike 04 yz 125 i love it

Best bike: '89 KTM GS 250 Enduro. Verry reliable with smooth power and easy handling. Did some dirtbike races on it and did well.

(best roadbike '99 GSXR 750 SRAD. It putt a smile on my face, trashing it every ride)

Worst bike: '91 Honda cr 125. Good handling and power, butt seized and had major (jetting, ignition?) running problems. One day it just broke down, I brought it to my Honda dealer (a guy who ran an GP team at that moment), replaced loats of stuff, but we never got it running well again (!).

So I just sold it...

(worst roadbike: Yamaha Xt 600. Good value, but boring as hell).

I like my current '02 Yzf 426 (track use only), but I still long for a 2-stroke kind of handling, so I'll build it into a Supermoto and probably get a 250 2-stroke machine


best 06 yz450f

worst 04 cr125

Worst? 1977 DT100......crude bike that was...but it was my first.

Best? 1980 YZ250G....that bike was awesome in it's time.

2005 YZ250 ...after one year it still amazes me each time I ride it. Excellent motor , excellent handling (compared to my YZF)

Worst: 1991 RT 180

Best: 2004 YZ 450F

Worst would have to be the '93 WR250. Was fast and had great suspension, just couldn't keep a top end in it. Drove me nuts trying to figure out how to keep it alive. Finally found the answer, I sold it, fixed it imediately.

Best is my '00 YZ426. What can I say, I love this thing.

Might look at a used '06 SE450 in a couple years when they get cheap. Till then, I'm sticking with my trusty steed. :applause:

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