Check out this spark plug

I just wanted to post a note about a spark plug I found and really liked...

My Cannondale E440 calls for an NGK CR8EK. My dealer turned me on to the NGK "Ridium CR8EIX" I really like the improved performance of it, bike really smooth and power delivery was a notch better. When you compare the two plugs side by side you will see a major difference in the electrode and it overall design.

Just wanted to pass on some info. Thump on!!!

how much more did it cost compared to a normal plug?

It was like 9 bucks. The regular was like 7 bucks. Dealer may be high, proably could find them on-line somewhere...

My dealer said the 426 guys really like them so I tried one and I did notice a difference. Better over all performance... Just my opinion though..

you guys are lucky. The race plug for my RM is about 34 bucks. :) Ill just stick with the $2.20 plug untill i find a way to get them for free.

I've heard about similiar plugs. Those are iridium tiped right? Are the supposed to last longer? Are there any other cons?


I hear you on the expensive plug, my son's 01 RM125 uses the same thing. However after a year and a half, a couple of mods and two top end jobs, I went ahead and bought a new one. Figured if the original plug held in there for that long with no noticeable loss in performance it would be worth it. It ended up only being around $16.00, I had been told thirty plus in the past. Helps to have a good parts guy! I wanted to frame that spark plug but I seem to have misplaced it. I used to change plugs like underwear

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