handle bar height

does any one know of a clamp spacer that would raise the bars about an inch? i know just buy new bars! but i really like the feel of the stock bars (just too low) i'm 6'4" and when i stand up i'm bending uncomfortably. now everyones gonna tell me the stockers are junk but i've connected them with the ground several times (once even bending my moose handgaurd)without damage. thanx

A riding buddy had a machinist friend mill one out of aluminum. End result was 1-1/4" forward and 1 inch rise. He is about your height. Don't know of any to purchase but they are probably available.

Now, for WHEN YOU DO bend or break the stocker, start looking for the right fit in a better bar. I use a Renthal Fat Bar. I forget the bend, but it is about 1-1/2" forward and 1" higher PLUS about 3/4" addition height with the 1-1/8" bar adapter. The Renthals are a bit less expensive than the Pro-Tapers, but seem to hold up well. If I ever bend them. I'll look for a similiar bend Pro-Taper.

Thumper Racing Bar Risers - Your lower back will thank you. I'm 6'4" and these things are the best ergonomic investment I've made for a motorcycle - I use the +1.5" (forward & up). I swap them between my WR400 and my KX500. My 5'11" wife uses the +1" versions on her XR250R.



If you want to do it for very little cost, check this out:


4 long bolts and two top pinch clamps will raise it up about 3/4 of an inch.

The downside to Rich's method is that it brings the bars closer to the rider. When I stand with stock bars/mounting location the bars are too close to my thighs and I have no leverage to keep myself from going over the bars. The +1.5" bar risers move the bars forward and up 1.5" and puts the bars in a much more natural position for me.

I think I paid $89 for the bar risers and they were worth every penny.


Do they make them for oversize/protapers....looks like they are only for skinny bars!

I got an aftermarket tripple clamp (Serco)that allows me to move the bars forwards. It's a copy of the Pro taper clamp and is only $AU215. I run Pastrana Freestyle bars... nice and tall. I'm 6'3" It's a pain in the butt if you want to adjust the fork setting though. Just as well I'm a 'set it and forget it' rider.


hey hamish,

whats that cool looking gadget you got sitting there?

hey thanx alot the thumper risers look like just the ticket kinda pricey though. i wonder what the weight difference would be between stock and say pro-taper ac-3? if its gonna cost that much might consider finding the right bend and use their adapters.(3/4" rise there) gonna have to get out the tape measure!

The Thumper Racing Bar Risers are available for standard 7/8" and oversize 1 1/8" bars in both the 'adapter' version that bolts to the stock Yamaha triple clamp or bolt-on versions for bikes with removeable bar mounts. I run an Applied Racing triple clamp that moves the bar mounts 10mm forward from stock and the +1.5" bar risers with ProTaper Enduro Hi's. I have my Scotts stabilizer mounted to the triple clamp, below the bars, using the Scotts universal adapter.

The Thumper Racing bar risers do weigh a bit more but you are talking about a lot of metal. Besides, at 6'4" 245# I'm not too worried about a pound or so on the bike if it lets me ride in comfort and control. If I'm worried about the weight I should go on a diet :thumbsup:


Nvr_fnsh....'zactly what i'm looking to do. I PM'd you for a photo or can you put one up on this thread ??

hey hamish,

whats that cool looking gadget you got sitting there?

It's a panoram bicycle computer. Trailtech make a similar version designed for trail bikes. It's playing up at the moment, but is normally pretty gopod.


looks exactly like my Trailtech. If its acting up it may be wet ?? Mine says I am running over 190kmh occasionally, apparently due to contacts getting wet, so Trailtech suggests. I have yet to learn to bag it prior to washing but I may learn yet !!

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