Installing a N-style seat cover 03 450

I have an N-style seat cover from my old Hotwheels graphics from last year. I need to use but it's a pain in the but to install. Anyone have any tips on installing it? I was able to install my GYT seat very easily. This one's a pain in the butt.

yes, put it in the oven.

I have set my old oven to 125F and heated the seat cover up.

WARNING: Be sure you are aware which heating element (UPPER: BROILER, BOTTOM: BAKE)

is energized.

My new oven (or should I say whomever buy's my house new oven) minimum setting is 185F. In this case, I started the oven but left the door slightly ajar (how can a door be a jar...???). After several minutes, I put the seat cover in, again w/ the door still cracked. I hovered over the door like a teenage boy over his drunk girlfriend, constantly checking the pliabilty (is that REALLY a word?) of the cover. When it was nice and bendable, I pulled it out, stuck it on the seat base, and stapled away.

This was NOT my seat (a friends YZ426) >> I ensured the job was done cuatiously but correctly.

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