More ELN/PAS data..

I received my adjustable PilotAirScrew to replace the PilotAirJet. I grabbed my ELN needle and 40pilot and went to work. I was nervous to go back to this setting due to my prior rough experience w/cold starting.

To my surprise, w/the 40p and PAS set for the 75 position, it fired up on the 3rd kick. I started out w/Taffy's specs using the 158main and clip on #4, 1.5 on the fuel screw. The idle was really rough and sounded/felt overly rich, the bike was vibrating and just seemed as if it was struggling to stay running. Without making any other changes elsewhere I moved the clip to #3 and it felt much better, then I started adjusting the PAS, went from the 75 up to 85-90 range, smoothed the idle out even more. Started up first kick when warm and even on the hot side.

I took it for rides both on the #4 and #3 clips positions, both felt good.

I found #3clip to have better snap and really like the way it felt. However, at right around the 1/8th throttle position, it kind of seems lean, this could just be the fuel screw position so I will tinker w/that more this week and get out to the riding area for some testing.

I did race it yesterday w/the new jetting and it pulls very clean right past that 1/8th throttle, funky part is, it only does the weird stuff if at a steady throttle of 1/8th or so, if you are rolling it on past that point, you don't notice it. All 5 gears pull hard and strong and there were no problems w/being in the midrance and tapping it on out into 5th w/the front wheel off the ground, and it pulls 14/51 gearing w/authority!!

I feel the 38pilot may be needed as temps here are gonna steadily climb from here forward and will make fine tuning adjustments through the fuel screw,pilot, and PAS. Thanks for everyone's help, if it sounds like I am missing anything, please advise! Thanks, Jason

[ June 10, 2002: Message edited by: Jason in KC ]

Are you using the stock pipe?

And what is your elevation?

Your specs scary me, they seem really lean, unless your lookin at elevation and stock pipe.

I'm at roughly 800ft in Kansas City Mo, all of the elevation has been taken into consideration here, Taffy and Hick have been my advisors and if they say it works then I go with it. Our temps are in the lower 80's now w/at least 40-50-% humidity. The ELN is richer so she's getting plenty of fuel, and the 42(stock)pilot is rich even w/stock needle in place. Yes though, I am running a stock exhaust system.

There's oil in the crankcase, he would have to get a LOT leaner than that to do any damage (unlike a two stroke.) Matter of fact I'm dropping my jets all down this week too, this needle is much richer than the EJP, combined with the suction of 426cc's it's drawing plenty of fuel. Mine as listed below is too rich right now and it's barely been 90 degrees yet. I got mine dialed in last fall and it was cooling off, ran bad a$$ over the winter & spring though. :) Jason has ridden it, thus his choice to try it too. :D

Bringing this back up...fellers, this really is a good strong running set up for the 426's..if you like midrange, this is it..

Needle,adjustable PilotAirScrew from Sudco and pilot jet totals less than 40$...

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