*Must Read*-Update May 26 7:30 am WCTT3

I promise this is the last update :lol:

Very Important Please Read

Morning Star Has a 5 mph "STRICTLY ENFORCED" Speed limit

As you come into the Morning Star Camp Grounds Please, Please, PLease keep the speed at 5 mph. They will not tolerate anything higher, and will kick you out after being warned. It is a safety and a dust issue. Kids are everywhere and dart back and forth, plus the dust on the road is kicked up. So PLease keep it a 5 MPH limit.

<font color="purple"> ALL West Coast ThumperTalk Ride Participants

Must check in at the main office.

Morning Star will give you a designated Wrist Band for the group (Each Member of your Group) and info on the Park as well. Please be courteous with the Manager, They are great people, and have put up with allot of crap from dirt bikers. We have covered allot of wounds with them to give us Thumpertalkers a great reputation of being the real community of enthusiasts.


Everyone who comes to the Ride No matter if they ride, sit, sleep or are Nursing (Nicholas) :lol: must have a waiver signed Please print out and sign this waiver prior to showing up at the ride, it will make processing much easier.

--->Waiver Link Click Me, Print Me, Bring Me<---

Sign in for the WCTT

ALL West Coast ThumperTalk Ride Participants. We will be signing everyone in as you get to Camps A & B, We will check Wrist Band, Name and take the signed Waivers. You will Get an Agenda for the Weekend a Surprise for the Kids and something Very Cool will be given from Thumpertalk :lol:

You will have a chance to purchase your BRC BBQ Ticket for Saturdays Benefit BBQ at the Sign up Table.

Special Note and Thanks

We have Dave Wood AMA/D36 AA Enduro #2 representing the BRC and one of our guests This weekend who will speak on behalf of the BRC and will be available for questions during the BBQ.

Thanks to Thumpertalk, BRC, and all the WCTT3 Sponsors for helping us get yet another great weekend together :lol: :lol:

<font color="brown">The List

If your name is not on the list we provide to Morning Star, We can not accommodate you in Camp group A & B. If there is a mistake we will work it out, There is plenty of Free camping all around the area.

<ul type="square"> WCTT 3 Participants

[*]Scott Dowens "WileE1" 2

[*]Scott Schleicher Superslyko 1

[*]Jay Bertolucci jaybert600 1 - 4 (Tentative)

[*]Greg Bishoff Fester 6

[*]Chris Fournier 4

[*]Randy Davis 5

[*]Max Walters 3

[*]John Douglas 6

[*]Mike Berke Berkman 2

[*]Scott Moore 1

[*]Gerald Wiese Wiese 3

[*]Domenic Audisio DOMENIC_WRF (Tentative)

[*]Warren Weikel Recon13 1

[*]Kevin Palmer Kev102189 2

[*]Bob Tomlinson BigBob 2 Well 1 really, Boomer is bringing Bob

[*]Mark Bailey Beatle 1

[*]dan sullivan dp400 4

[*]Pat McPhetridge Javelin 4

[*]John Lorenz John_Lorenz 2

[*]Dave Fry Fryboy 4

[*]Curtis Allen 2

[*]jack parrish jacksonp 2 Maybe 3?

[*]Jim Schner Jshner 2

[*]Jared Porter 3

[*]Motomanfan guest 2

[*]Eric Williamson Chopper357 5

[*]Kevin Moorehouse 7 Plus Maybe a Straggler named Moto_Jason :D

Total 77 Plus or minus :thumbsup:

:awww::lol:<font color="brown">New and Improved Directions :lol: :lol:

Directions to Morning Star:

Heading North From Sacramento On 80

From Auburn Hwy 80 Foresthill / Auburn Ravine rd. (East) or (Right) to Foresthill

Heading South From Tahoe On 80

from Hwy 80 in Auburn take Foresthill / Auburn Ravine rd Exit (East)or (Left) to Foresthill

Continue to forest Hill about 17 miles + - There will be a Valero Gas Station on the right hand side.

From the VALERO station drive 9.5 miles.

At about the 9.5 miles + - Look for a sign on the right (aka Sugar Pine), Turn Left at the Sugar pine Sign (It comes up fast, Left Hand Side).

Follow the road down about 3.5 miles keeping to the right, following the morning Star Sign you should come to a 3 way intersection follow that straight thru about 2 miles up the road to the right will be the Morning Road it turns to gravel.

Code of Conduct Please Read

West Coast Thumpertalk Code of Conduct

The West Coast Thumpertalk or (WCTT) ride is an event held every Memorial Weekend each year at Morning star Lake Forest Hill OHV. We strive and commit to ensure that the WCTT event is first and foremost, FAMILY Friendly, safe for all participants and fun. With the event come rules of conduct, not only are we guests at Morning Star Lake, we are Ambassadors to our Sport. What we do during the weekend will have great impact on the other Guests at Morning Star Lake. So it is imperative that these rules be adhered to and fully understood by all participants.

Code of Conduct

1. While the drinking of beverages is permitted, drunken misconduct and illegal substance usage is not. Enough Said.

2. All Vehicles must be walked “Engine Off” to the designated Staging area in Camp group A.

3. At no time will any participant in camp A & B or in any RV or Camp ground associated with the WCTT event ride a NON California Licensed Vehicle inside the Camp grounds.

4. At no time will any participant in camp A & B or in any RV or Camp ground associated with the WCTT start any motorcycle inside the Camp grounds, unless it is in the designated Staging area in Camp A. Maintenance and or mechanical work is permitted in your camping area, but testing or starting is prohibited unless in the designated staging area of Camp A

5. Any California Licensed Motor vehicle can be driven to and from the designated staging area. A STRICT 5 mph limit is enforced at all times.

6. Any motor vehicle at any time caught riding inside the Camp grounds, performing any stunt such as wheelie, stoppie, burn out or revving the engine excessively, will be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. At any time said offender will be asked to leave the event by any member of the WCTT team or Morning Star Managers.

7. All participants in camp group A & B will conduct themselves appropriately. This is a family event any conduct deemed lewd, offensive, vulgar or obscene will be dealt with immediately.

8. All participants in RV or Camper areas (NON CAMP A&:D will conduct themselves appropriately as per the Morning Star Rules. This is a family Park/Camp ground any conduct deemed lewd, offensive, vulgar or obscene will be dealt with immediately. Morning Star is authorized to call the authorities to have those offenders removed from the park.

9. Although Morning Star permits animals, it is not recommended. Your will need to call morning star for fee’s and approval. Remember not all dogs get along; we do not encourage bringing animals to the event. If you do the animal shall not be permitted to roam freely, and must be leashed.

10. The WCTT team reserves the right to refuse entry to any participant at the event. There will be no monetary reimbursement if any WCTT participant if removed.

11. Upon the conclusion of the event, all participants are responsible for leaving the campground as they found it. This includes ensuring that all garbage is properly disposed of and that any fires that have been started are completely out, including hot coals. You might even go the extra mile and pick up a piece or two of garbage that some careless camper left. This will show the campground admin that off-roaders are both thoughtful and responsible. As off-roaders, we have to do MORE than our fair share to show the public that the world is better with than without our sport.

See Ya in 48 Hours :lol:;):mad::usa:

I will tell him you said that (you know what I'm talking about!)

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