Australian TT update

Hey there all,

This is just a reminder regarding the weekend of the 22nd to 24th of June 2001....

Splint, myself and about 8 of our riding friends were in Gormandale this weekend and it was incredible... My first time there. We had an incredible mix of trails......

- tight twisty woods trails

- high speed sandy trails

- wooped out tight and high speed trails

- natural terrain MX tracks

- The wall of death. Basically, it is a hug hole in the ground, bowl, that has almost vertical ins and outs....

This placer is trail blazers heaven. I was on the YZ250 2-smoke and had a blast!!!! The camp site is right in the middle of it all. The terrain is maily loamy sand, but not too deep. Deep enough for traction and fun. And guess what, no dust here!!!

Anyway, if your interested, drop me a line:


Hey Mitch,

Tell us more.

Where is this place?


Hey Mitch, I'll be there and should have a couple of mates with me too, if thats cool. I will give you a bell in the next couple of weeks to get the low down on whats happening.


Hey Cambo,

You can bring as many mates as you like.....

Hey Guy,

It is in Victoria. About 30/45 minutes outside of Morewell. About 2.5/3 hours outside of Melbourne. Getting there is rather easy, we are just trying to determine the best location for the campsite. All that Quicksand to deal with.. :D Kevin from NH is an expert on this... :D

The location itself is in the centre of some of the best riding I have experienced in quite a time. Albeit, it is not the desert and does not have cactus.. :) We will be setting up at a well known area and flat/large enough to cater for 20 to 30 people. There is no running water, toilets, showers. The closest "shops" are about 15 mins away. Mobile coverage is patchy.. :D

Splint, myself and a few others will be arriving early Friday morning to put all the signs up so that everybody finds everybody else. Will post further info shortly...

Is there anyone actually coming from overseas? Just curious....

Probably not....... :)

But, you never know.....

You have tracks? Remind me to send you Tread Lightly we are sick of them in Queensland.

Harry, Please explain......

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! :) They have ears everywhere.Mitch ever heard of the cain toad, well Tread Lightly are the same, except they don't go as far when you hit them with a 1 wood.

[This message has been edited by splint (edited 05-31-2001).]

[This message has been edited by splint (edited 05-31-2001).]

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