My opinion/guess on the 05 YZF450

Ok so I saw the 05 pics of the 250F on RacerX: Here is my guess on the changes on the 05 450F

1. finally correctly routed front brakeline - old news

2. larger shock resevoir - good news

3. Same Frame no changes - NO Alum frame! good or bad news, depends how you see it

4. possible rear linkage changes - good news will turn better.

5. probably better waterpump impeller - better cooling

6. Same style graphics -

7. No visual changes to the fork - maybe other internal changes

8. no visual motor changes

9. I hope there is more than this coming for 05.

Also looks like they changed the swingarm a little!

The swingarm is lighter. i can't wait for the forks.

you figure with all the people that are on here we could get a little more inside scoop on the '05 450's. somebody has to have some connections or yamaha must have the thing locked in a vault somewhere.

Everything will leak out after the dealer show in a few weeks.

According to Transworld Motocross:

Revised steel frame- 3 lb.s lighter, larger shock reservoir, revised fork valving, smoother ignition mapping, Dunlop 756 rear, 742 front tire, adjustable top triple clamp, CR style front brakeline, narrower subframe, throttle-side hotstart, revised flywheel mass, revised porting, new piston, Renthal bars.

If it is 3lbs lighter,

If it has new piston & revised porting,

If it has remapped ignition,

If it has revalved 04 forks and the larger shock resevoir,

I may just have to stay on Yamaha for 05!

The end of 739's is a great thing(for my terrain), the addition of Renthal bars with adj clamps(doubtful but nice)is a great thing, Hot start on the handlebars is a good thing....and the best part is I may be able to swap most all my aftermarket crap to the 05.....otherwise I was going to mothball my 03. :thumbsup:

Let's see how close this is to the dealer show announcement. :awww:

I read something about heath Voss wanted to switch to a YZ250 for supercross mid season but the gave him a 2005 carb and he loved it and stayed on the 450. Then gave him works suspension to win the World SX and he did.

It's cool that Yamaha decided to put Renthals stock on the 05's. Help cut the weight from the carbon steel boat anchor.

Sorry guys, I was just kidding! :thumbsup::lol: Would be nice though. . . :awww:

Also looks like they changed the swingarm a little!

They flattened the top so that the chain will not wear a hole under the slider like the past bikes.

Sorry guys, I was just kidding! :awww::lol: Would be nice though. . . :lol:

Tim you had me going........nice thought anyway :thumbsup:

New Carb is good if it is reality...

We know probably no new alum frame

no FI

no Superchargers,nitrous or turbos!

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