ok another fun thread - how many flat tires in one ride?

Saturday, put on 130 rocky mountain miles, 2 front flats :) !! My bad I'm sure, but have learned a very good lesson on being prepaired....lucky for me, my buddys were!!

Off to the shop for patches and leavers.....

Dodger :D:D

I have only had one flat on a ride at a time, but I have had quite a few rides on one flat. On one of my old bikes, the previous owner put slime in the tires, and I got a flat. But then you get home and fill it up to see how long it will hold, and it holds for a few weeks and yo think it is fine, but when you ride and land off a jump, it will blow the slime out of the hole and your tire will go flat. And this happens over and over. So I don't use slime.

gal, at that point in time, I'd quit trying to fix it!! :)

I had one flat, once - Competition Park, in Calif.

Now, if you wanna talk mountain bikes, I've got you tied gal. You wanna talk street bicycles, my dad has us all beat, with 8.

me n my 3 buddies had 6-7 in one ride that lasted not more then 4 hours. it was on the srounding mountains of jerusalem....

who cares how many flat? question is how fast can you patch or replace on trail?front tire patch under 8 min. replace with new tube under 10.rear tube les than 15min.that include fillimg tire with air

I could do a bicycle tire in under 2 minutes, filled with air.

I can't even get my wheels OFF in 8 minutes on my motorcycle!!!

i dont take wheel off to patch tube if im out on trail

Back in my Quad daze, I used to run a little race known to some as "Blackwater". If I am allowed to count that, my record is 7. By the time I was thru, I had to re-invest nearly $1000.00 into my quad to bring it back to a satisfactory condition! That is why I now run these virtually indestructable Thumpers. BIKES RULE!!!

after racing blackwater on your thumper i bet you wouldnt think its was still indestructable.

I was foolish for riding/racing quads, but I never, ever, thought about racing a bike at Blackwater! Quads run on Saturday, so I got to watch those bikes on Sunday. Crazy! I can't believe how fast they can go down those rocky hills!!! Sheer Lunacy!!! Maniac

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