alum frame

Do you think Yamaha will step up to the plate and make a new alum chassis for the YZF and the WR now that Suzuki will be coming out with one for next year also :lol: It would be nice and the new CRF250x's are looking very good, and I heard that they are coming with a CRF450X the fall, it should would be nice if big blue made one to :thumbsup: I love my bike but I have been thinking of getting one with the magic button and I dont know if I should wait for Yamaha to make the alum frame or maybe get a new CRF450X if they come out with one :awww: Any opinions out there on this?? And has anybody rode a red bike compared with our's??

Well it won't be coming 2005, it might be on the YZ125 though.

Just wondering, whats so great about an aluminum Frame? :thumbsup:

there lighter, faster bike :thumbsup:

there lighter, faster bike :thumbsup:

Not necessarily always true - look at the BRP. Design is ALWAYS a trade off.


there lighter, faster bike :thumbsup:

Not true, besides they give a harsher ride.....and the fatigue strength SUCKS!

I prefer steel, unless they go for Ti!

Not necessarily always true - look at the BRP. Design is ALWAYS a trade off.

What is BRP?? I still like the alum chassis, it looks better and you dont have to worry about the paint scratching off :awww:, plus I have ridden the CRF250x now and the ride is not harsh at all,actualy it was just as smooth as mine if not a little softer I would just like to find sombody that has rode both in hard riding areas to give me some feedback, but it seems that everybody is biased to there brand :thumbsup: Seems like nobody wants to give a nod to any other brand then theres which is sad, are the other bikes that bad or is this just another Ford VS Chevy (*#$@$) match I dont know, but it sure seems that way

The advantage of the Honda design isn't so much about the material as it is that they eliminated the center backbone so they can get the tank down lower in the frame. The weight isn't much less but it is much lower.

BRP = Big Red Pig, aka - Honda XR650R.

Kawasaki uses a steel perimeter frame - not sure if it was introduced before Honda's aluminum perimeter frame. Steel and aluminum both have trade-offs - take your pick.


Kawasaki had the first perimeter frame in 1990 on their KX 250 and 125. I have ridden the first and second generation honda CR 250 aluminum framed bikes and found them to be quite abit more buzzy feeling (vibration) They were both heavily modified converted woods bikes with revalved suspension. I cant comment on the new al. framed CRfs and CRs, I havent ridden them yet. Although I have heard that they are better. I am currently ridding enduros on a 03 KX 250 2s and have not noticed any harshness due to the steel perimeter frame. Hopefully Yamaha will do their homework and not rush a al. frame into production.

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