What are you supposed to be doing?

So this could be a fun one... Let's hear what everybody is supposed to be doing during the day, but instead are surfing TT for issues that are clearly more important?

Believe it or not I am the CTO of a failing startup

Hmmmmm, that's weird, a startup failing and their CTO on TT all day long... So, Ego, what type of industry?

Nuclear Energy :)

LOL, I am supposed to be working all day but I just can't resist sneaking a peak on here and seeing what all you nuts are up to. :)

Sr. Network Engineer for a major food processing company. This is way more entertaining then designing network improvements ...

computer science class....school ends on thursday though, ride all day, TT all day, look at my bike all day, ride all day, race, ride all day, wash my bike make it look purty.....ride all day :) ahh the joys of summer being 16 w/no job or school :D


....supposed to be...I'm supposed to be out riding some fat single track..I'm suppose to be out railing a fire rode...I'm would really like to be out mashing some rocks and roots...but alas, I'm working........crap! Ah well, working for the future, start up company, settlement and op's extrordinare...building, building, building, well see :D !

Dodger :):D

I scout the California region for the Seattle Mariners. Just trying to "convince" a high school kid to take an offer for over half-a-million $$ to go play pro baseball...geez, greed is an ugly monster!

Hey striker, I can throw about 45 mph and hit corners, well, sometimes I can hit corners, got any work for me???? :)

I don't HAVE to be anywhere or do anything. I'm retired from the Navy. Uhh, I think I here the wife coming...gotta go! :):D

I'm an electronic technician specializing in Robotic and CNC machinery.

I work for a Big Company that builds guided thingies that fall from airplanes and blows specific targets to bits.....of course I can't talk about that :)

I'm an computer aided draftsman that is supposed to be designing bridges for the state department...but this is way much more interesting...lol

I'm supposed to be writing and fixing OpenGL graphics related software, however I'm much more efficient after I've received my dirt bike fix for the day. :)

Hey Striker I am up here in Oregon and play baseball on a Semi-Pro team, starting catcher and relief pitcher hitting .500. Better than most of the Salem/Keizer Vocanos. Come up and see me.

I am suppose to be working as a Controls Engineer.

ps will play baseball for food, heck I pay to play now.

Hey YZ...if you can't hit the corners you better throw 105! And OregonThumper...you'd be surprised to know how many scouts DO come watch semi-pro games...sometimes they're just wearing their Vans and a Yamaha t-shirt hiding out!

Supposed to be drinking coffee and designing computer chips.

Going riding after "work" though! :)

I'm an x-ray tech at an Air Force base in Northern Cali, and right now i'm the only one at work so I can pretty much do whatever i want!! At least until one of you guys break something

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