What are you supposed to be doing?

I am supposed to be a World Superbike star making a few meg a year, traveling all over Europe rooming with the umbrella girls. Somehow made a wrong turn and ended up in this job (Pewter tech) lurking on this list for cheap amusement.

I make filtration equipment for machine tools. When business is slow and it is, I play on the web.

Hey Thumper4life enjoy it while you can. 20 minutes ago (it seems like it anyway) I was your age. And don't forget to hump as many young cuties as possible.

Originally posted by IRIDEYZ:

I'm an x-ray tech at an Air Force base in Northern Cali, and right now i'm the only one at work so I can pretty much do whatever i want!! At least until one of you guys break something

That woudn't be Travis would it? If so I would bet you know Major Kali Mather..?

I am an architect/interior designer. I am suppose to be solving all my client's problems right now, but I'm more interested in the 03 YZ450F.

Data base anaylist for ' The worlds recognized leader in electronic commerce enabling systems....' -dsoll13

Right now I am supposed to be recovering from strep throat :)

Usually I am supposed to be designing databases and writing data access software components for the biggest horse race track operator in North America

Go Baby Go!!

....Bank VP and regional manager. I would get after my employees for doing what I am right now!

Hey SKTHOM yeah i know Maj Mather. At least I know the name. I was stationed there a few years ago, now i'm a little farther north at Beale. How do you it is???

:) I'm working. Really !!! See the briefing I'm working on in the other window. :D

I don't know how this web page came up.


Originally posted by IRIDEYZ:

Hey SKTHOM yeah i know Maj Mather. At least I know the name. I was stationed there a few years ago, now i'm a little farther north at Beale. How do you it is???

IRIDEYZ - I am a Diagnostic Imaging Medical Physicist. Maj. Mather belongs to my professional association and she helped out when I put on a Summer School for Physicists at Sonoma State University back in 1999. Imaging physics is a small world!

I do mostly CR, digital imaging, and PACS now. Those should be very familar terms to an x-ray tech! If not now then soon. :)

Satellite/communications engineer. When I am not designing, I am kinda of like the maytag repair man (just waiting for something to break) and beleive it or not, the maytag reapair man is board so he's checking out TT :)

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I'm an engineer for a contractor assigned to Navy contracts as the quality control program manager. Yes, I have heard all of the jokes about engineer's disease ( I have it bad), and about a quality control being anal :) . I still enjoy serving our country in my small way and it pays for mine and my son's motocross habits. Semper Fi to all other current and former Marines (FMF combat corpsmen too!) out there, and to all the people serving to keep this great country free :D . That includes all the finest and the bravest on the home front too.

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