650 - DO'S & DON'TS

Roger... for anyone to say the L is slow or a "street bike" simply is prejudiced. These bikes have so much capability and torque stock it ain't even funny, let alone with flow/carb upgrades, hot cams, etc. Frankly I'm surprised nobody has a nitrous kit! Or Mr. Fusion reactor... hmmm... :lol:

My first time out on my BFP, I lit her up on the street to get out of the way of some idiot driving a truck. Up came the front wheel, with the rear spinning and shooting to the left, launching us quite effectively out of the way. "Houston, we have liftoff!" In this case, I think it's 90% rider, 30% bike. :thumbsup: But to compare the R & L is pointless. The R is a dirt race bike. The L is a dual-sport bike. They both have gobs of torque, great top end, excellent suspension, they piss the wife off, and give us big Kahones... end of story. :awww:

I've tried both XR650R and XR650L two years ago before I made my dicision to get a Honda thumper. I tried them at the dealers and from friends who have modified they bikes.

The XR650R is by far more powerful than the XR650L, make no mistake about it. With some minor adjustment from factory form, the XR650R can gain at least 10% more power, with carb., cams and exhaust upgrade, the XR650R canbe far more scarier than the XR650L on dirt or pavement.

Sure the XR650L has electric start and street legal equipment, but all that can be added to the XR650R.

Alright! Lets see the stock dynos! And no comparing a 1993 XR650L to a 2004 XR650R...

Dry weight of the stock bikes with uncorked Horse Power @ rear tire:

XR650L = 324 pounds @ 38hp weight ready to ride 348 pounds

XR650R = 277 pounds @ 49hp weight ready to ride 302 pounds

Other things to think about; is the CV (constant velocity) carburetor on the 650L, what a pain in the butt! This is a bad setup! :lol:

XR650L does not have the same cartridge forks of the XR650R has a air adjustable fork setup of the XR600 but, softer! :lol: It isn't the same bike or close to it in any way. If you get right down to it it goes on quite awhile; like 8.3:1 compression ratio on the XR650L :lol: and 10:1 compression ratio on the XR650R, different lift and duration on the cam. :usa: If you own a XR650L it's fun but, if you haven't ran a XR650R you don't know the difference! 25% more horse power and at 46 pounds lighter :lol: how can they be in the same leage? :lol: Next we can compare the XR650L and the CRF230? :thumbsup: The XR650L does a great job for what it was made for....if you ride any dirt it does better then the Kawasaki KLR650 :lol: but, not as good on the street. Compare the XR650L to the KLR 650.....Someone said, "close to the same weight and power" NOT EVEN CLOSE! :mad: Someone said, "can go all the same places" NOT IN THE AIR! :awww: You'd brake the frame on the "L"! :lol: The thing about comparing the CRF450 and XR650R....depend on the riding...In the right riding the XR650R smokes the CRF450! MX the CRF450 smokes the XR650R. ;) The XR650L wouldn't even be seen when you look back on the trail, with all riders being equal! Hay I get a kick when a CRF450 can do better and I have a blast blasting by a CRF450 on the open trail or up a sand hill. Sure I have jumped a XR650L but, never got close to the half the air or distance of the XR650R and can get 40% more air and distance on a CR250. Rider makes a difference on any bike he rides....better the bike the more that rider will get out of the bike if he wants to ride at the edge! Some don't want to ride there so, they buy a bike that will be comfortable at the riding skill or limit of there balls. I have my XR650R setup to about it's limit in proformance and suspension and the bike is a big (pun intended) limiter at times, I can ride better and faster on my sons XR400 on the tight single track. It would have been easier if Honda wouldn't have used the XR for the XR650L; sould of stayed with it being a XL650 then people wouldn't think they were the same bike setup different. http://home.earthlink.net/~borynack/Video/


THANKS R.B. :thumbsup:

XR650L = 324 pounds @ 38hp weight ready to ride 348 pounds XR650R = 277 pounds @ 49hp weight ready to ride 302 pounds...It would have been easier if Honda wouldn't have used the XR for the XR650L; sould of stayed with it being a XL650 then people wouldn't think they were the same bike setup different.

Everybody's still comparing apples to oranges here. Even your reference about The XRL being an "XL" is not correct. The XRL shares more in common with the now defunct XR600R than the (much) older XL ever did. I've had 5 XL's, all with different mods and always non-DOT tires.

I ride an XRL because it's the only bike I own. I don't have Harley for the street or a CRF450 just for dirt. But I'm damn sure that just because the XRL is not a "true" dirt machine that I won't ride it off-road and has hard as my cajones will let me.

I can kickstart my racing buddy's XRR and I can push a starter button on the XRL. I know the XRR can smoke ANY XRL in existence. I don't need 20' of air. I don't need to go 100 mph on dirt. If I were 20 years younger, who knows? Maybe I'd be riding an XR650R. But today I'm not.

The best bike is the one that gets the most use and doesn't give you any grief. Any bike can give you that old favorite feeling, new technology or old. It all depends on what you want out of a bike. As long as it's reliable.

Factory dual purpose big bore pigs are here to stay so get used to it. Factory dual sport race bikes with every bell and whistle are not, with the possible exception of KTM. But that's another forum...

heliosstudios asked about Horse power, dyno readings. As far as apples and oranges....that's my point also, That are what the real world numbers were put there for, the KLR650 and XR650L have more in common then the XR650R vs. XR650L. My point wasn't that the XR650L is built the same as the old XL it is just made for the same purpose and it would just be easier on those that don't know that the XRR and XRL are different bikes but, XRL is a XL as for what that bike was made for! Now you have a CRF230 and CRF250 what a joke! It should be XR230L at best. I work on all these bikes and the XR650L has the longer swing arm, bad carb., Electric start, all the lights....to date myself some I had a XL500 in 82' to ride to work,(also had a Goldwing and a CM250 custom and YZ490) then got the new XL600 and road my XR600R in the dirt. I have been through trying to make the duel carb. thing work, drilling out the hole in the fork and any other tricks that was out to make the XR600R dirtable. Your right the XR650L is basicly a XR600L punched out to a 650 with a dri sump. No buddy is knocking your bike just trying to get the point across that they are not the same bike, or made for the same purpose, you seem to know that but, some here don't. Read all the posts and you'll find that some thought they weighed the same and put out the same power, with basicly the same suspension....none of this is true. Over forty also and loving it. You love your bike and are happy, let others take there XR650R to the limit of there cajones and be happy. You may not want to go 20'in the air or 100mph in the dirt but, I like the 100mph in the dirt and as much air time as any bike that I am on will let me! :thumbsup: This all got started with someone saying they are the same bike to someone looking to get one who rides WR450F; a real dirt bike. This isn't about what the best bike is, for you....it's about what there difference' are. I don't think anyone here is looking to kap on you for getting a XRL.

I was at a local Honda dealer today and the buzz is that the some of the off-road line up will have some major changes for '05.

Who knows? Maybe the XR400R & the XRL will brought out of the 80's & into the new millenium. It's about frickin' time. I'm definitely interested in what's to come. This 350 lb. beast I like to ride is a lot of work out in the dirt.

The CRF680X is on the way...

Brett, How did you like the DVD?

I cant view it. My DVD player is a little old, and I dont have a DVD drive on my comp.... :thumbsup:

Bummer, I had one other guy with an older DVD player that had the same problem. :thumbsup:

"The CRF680X is on the way... " :thumbsup:

Should be awesome, anyone know what the changes will be ??? Any pictures out there ?

Someone posted the specs here on TT.. I can't find them anymore.

I was sitting on a friend of mine’s back porch (he owns a winery) and he asked me if I knew what the best wine in the world is? Expecting a deeply insightful answer I said no. His response “The one YOU like the best.”

I love my L. I also really like the R it just wasn’t what I wanted. I can afford either, not both.

Love to ride! Ride what you love.


Bruce, are those dynos from the same model year L and R? That doesn't seem likely as the L is a portrayed as a streeted version of the R by Honda, "with the heart of a true dirtbike", and they even have the exact same color scheme. But maybe that was their point, confuse the frell out of us and maybe we'd assume the R was an L without the lights and vice-versa. Has the R always used the liquid-cooled engine? Perhaps I'm wrong to assume that at one time they both used the RFVC 644cc air-cooled power plant? I'll have to look at the Clymer again. If they've always used different engines then of course the dynos are going to be different. I'll just go S.T.F.U. and R.T.F.M. now... :thumbsup:

Those numbers are for 2003 bikes, uncorked. Stock bike numbers to the rear tire are 34 for XR650L and 43 for the XR650R. Honda gives out much higher numbers at the fly-wheel. For the XR650R they say Corked 55 Horse power and uncorked 63.5 (Europe) I can't find numbers for the XR650L. The XR650R came out in the year 2000 and the only thing that is the same that I can find, is the front fender, and cluch. Yes, I think it stinks that Honda mess' with the consumer with what they call there bikes. My boss at work went out and bought a CRF230 thinking he was getting a dirt bike he could have fun with. He wasn't a dirt bike rider but, wanted to ride with his kids. He heard about the CRF450 and thought he was just getting a smaller version. Man was he disapionted. Know he has a CRF250R and couldn't be happier.

Needsprayer, it's not just the tires that make the 650R uncomfortable on the street. I know because I dual sported mine and bought some nice dual sport tires for it. It rode better on the street, but was still tiring after about 30min. on the pavement. The vibration, hard seat, and don't forget that "trigger happy" throttle response, really gets to you after a while of riding the 650R on the street for a while.

That's why I took my bike back down to dirt only and slapped some Dunlop knobbies back on it. For off-road, the R freakin rocks! On the street, it's fun for a little while, but then it's a handful because you need constant attention at the throttle hand since it's getting full traction all the time on pavement. I think the R is a good dual sport only for getting from trail to trail when you have to get on the street for a few miles.

Oh yeah and people are saying a 650R is faster than a 650L. That is true, however, my KX500 is much, much quicker than my 650R, so ya know these things shouldn't be compared. The KX is like 220lbs and 60+ hp. Horsepower of which is delivered in an "all at once" sort of way. Really sux compared to the XR's.

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