EgoAhole Is no More

Ego, errrr -- TTrFNAEA, we miss your dim wit. Did your pastor tell you to lay off TT for a while? Tell em you're doing a public service and are needed to lighten some poor souls' day. Send us a message. Maybe thru Befardrive?

Thank GOD Ahole has seen the light! :)

Now if we can only save sceptor before it's too late!! :D

TTrFKAEA revealed :)

TTrFKAEA is really a cryptogram for aTTFreak :D

EgoAhole now known as

TTrFKAEA is "a ThumperTalk Freak" :D

Now you have to make up another name. :D

Now that you mention it....I wonder where sceptor is?!! I'm VERY VERY surprised he has not make a pleading beckon for his partner in flaming to return!!!

I guess as long as sceptor (and sceptor2) live, the spirit of the great A-Hole will never die! Perhaps (and hopefully) there will be a reincarnation of one of the pioneering 'power flamers' of Thumpertalk.

[ June 13, 2002: Message edited by: DethWshBkr ]

I don’t know Septic, but TTrFNAEA is a nice guy in spite of his gruff style. I rode with him twice now, he helped me allot and paid for a new tube and tire and put it on for me.

You guys are being mean

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