Zip Ty 8oz Flywheel weight?

What will this do to the power? I just got a Yz450f as some of you know. I put a titanium 4 exhaust and powerbomb header on. My question is what are the benifits of this and what are the downs?

After talking to Ty, (he's my neighbor) I put on the 8 oz and I wish I had put on the 10 oz. You might consider the Gyt Kit Yamaha ( flywheel. Either slows down to "hit" and gives you more tractable power. I ride desert and my biggest problem was stalling in tight sections or hill climbs. One piece of advice "TURN UP THE IDLE". I also put on a Recluse auto clutch which is very cool. I'm still fiddling with gearing, currently 15-48,

I'm going to try 15-46 and 15-47.

I got a zip-ty 8oz bolt on flywheel weight for free. I like the hit the bike has, I am looking to get more hit in 3rd gear so I can stay in third more instead of down shifting to 2nd around corners. I am assuming the flywheel weight wont help me? I would be intrested in selling it maybe make an offer?

I have the 12 oz because I ride both motocross and trails. I doesn't really effect motocrossing but helps a ton on trails.

I too have the 12oz. and love it. It has changed (for the better) the way the bike handles the tight stuff while not giving up that much on the top end. :thumbsup:


Flywheels don't have any effect at all on power output. Adding a heavier flywheel adds to the inertia of the entire rotating mass of the engine, which tends to slow down changes in the speed of that mass. That helps keep the engine running when operating at very low speeds, or during heavy braking, and can prevent accidental stalling. On acceleration, added weight reduces the rate at which an engine will accelerate under light loads, like when you're leaving a tight corner in a loose section at low speeds. If you always have really good traction, a heavier flywheel won't help that much. But if you're in a more slippery situation, some extra weight can help the bike stay hooked up better in the lower gears without having much noticable effect on the higher ones.

Note that the farther out from the crank the weight is, the more effective it is in adding inertia. Weights that bolt to the face of the existing flywheel must be heavier than those like the Dr.D weights, which are welded to the outer diameter, to accomplish the same thing.

As long as you have one, try it out. If your bike is an '03, you'll probably like it. The '04 was already heavier, and there might not be as much difference, or it may make the engine seem too lazy.

where is a good place to get one off these flywheels? I ride slow technical areas and would like a little better chugging power :thumbsup:


the flywheel reduces the HIT (tames the beast), makes it more manageable like the CRF, which you just got rid of?????????

Ride the YZF, if your stalling the beast (YZF) than install a flywheel.


I have been testing it at the track and I really dont like it, I love the hit out of the corners w/out it. Thats the reason I sold my CRF and got the YZF.

If anyone wants it(8oz zip ty bolt-on flywheel weight) make me an offer. :thumbsup:

Man...that's some crazy gearing you're trying! I tried 14/47 last year and liked it, but that was a not :canada:iceable change. Some of your ratios are wild. What kind of riding would you do with 15/46? That's 3.066:1...the 14/47 I went with is 3.2:1.

pavelcod I pm'd you on the flywheel weight. thanks :thumbsup:

so do you still have the flywheel weight?? :thumbsup:

Desert only. Ty is gteared for a top speed of 105 I'm not there yet.

Yes i do do you want it?

sorry for the slow reply, I never looked back here for a bit. I would like to try that flywheel if it would go on a yz 400. email me

ok I will think about it

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