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are all dr 250's 6 speed?

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This might be a dumb question  but I have seen 5 and 6 speed  DR 250's
I was wondering if there was a year they all had 6 speeds?  like 1994 and up ??

OR like do all electric start ones have 6 speeds?

wondering. Saw a 1994 DR250 electric start  kinda locally for $1495  b/o
is it worth it? back turn signals have been replaced with non stock ones.
Hand guards installed but right one is cracked on the bottom so maybe it took a dive at some point. No big dents or frame/rim bends tho..
Has scratches and chipped paint of course. Not sure of mileage. is it worth $1,000-1,200 ?

side note:
How does the DR 350 of the same vintage weigh the same?? and why would I get a 250 if the 350  6speed weighs the same?? I assume the 350 is just as nimble in the woods then with the same weight?
something does not seem right.

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