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Metal shavings in oil

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Found this in oil sump screen and filter of a 1990 DR650. Is it ground up bearing race? What are the blue bits? Gasket? The bike starts and runs ok (ish), just seems to have a bit too much mechanical noise. The last picture is oil nozzle damaged by loose timing chain - not enough to explain all the metal in oil, however.

While changing the cam chain and tensioning the balancer chain I noticed that one of the balancer shafts has side to side play (see the video). I am afraid it might be the balancer shaft bearing that has gone.






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not so good... it could be a number of things.

early dr600 were known for wear at the weak connecting rod big end. if you have the cylinder off check for up and down play pulling the rod.

other likely reason is wear on a gear teeth, most likely 5th or 3rd...

in any case, take into account that some (or all ) metal shavings passed also through the oil pump, so very likely it's damaged too.

i think that a full engine dismantle is in order....

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