Holeshots just got a bit easier...

I am having no problem getting holeshots. The power is great on this bike. What are some things I can get to get more hit in 3rd gear? I just want to roll into athe corner and rip out of the corner w/out having to downshift to 2nd. Is this possible? I am getting some low end bog, my CRF had no problem in 3rd gear. Maybe I still need to get used to the yzf.



You can subtract one tooth from the front sprocket, or add a couple to the rear. That will lower your final gearing which will make 3rd gear a bit lower.

u gotta remember that its a 4 speed and not a 5 speed like your crf. it may be more moeny than you want to spend but an auto clutch keeps that 4 stroke on power all the time. lets you roll turn a gear higher and exit like a rocket!!

"an auto clutch keeps that 4 stroke on power all the time."

very true. whatever gear your in, the clutch slingshots you outta the corner. the gear always pulls hard.

2 things...

1. Change your picture. You have a YZF now.

2. Just get used to the bike more. Once you get used to it and can get your momentum up you will be pulling third much better.

How many races have you been in since you have the new bike?? How many of them have you holeshot??

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