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1978 IT 250E restore

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Hi I am look for any help or suggestions on fixing the suspension on my 1978 IT 250E  I have newly rebuilt the carb and the top end she is now running great but now you can really tell how bad the suspension is, the front is like a pogo stick , and the rear  basically squats the floor when you sit on the seat , I am hoping that replacing the oil seals in the front forks and filling with fork oil will fix the front end barring any other unforeseen problems inside. That being said the rear shock does not seem to be  serviceable and have been unable to find an OE or aftermarket replacement this is why am hoping you guys can help I’m at a loss if anybody can point me in the right direction or knows of a website or something that carries this type of suspension it would be greatly appreciated tried to go off road yesterday despite the bad suspension and almost lost some teeth lol thanks in advance. 


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