Just totally rebuilt my 1993 XR600R and replaced just about everything but the crankshaft and rod. I put almost 200 miles on the motor and just got confident enough to venture way back into the peruvian andes when it decided it didnt like its rod bearings anymore. Luckily I was able to limp back to civilization, dont ask me how, but after some really really nasty grinding sounds the bike ran fine and got me home.

Anyways the mechanic tells me that I could use an IMS rod, they do the whole dissassemble and reassemble operation there pretty cheaply, or I can buy a new OEM crankshaft and rod assembly from Honda for megabucks. What do you all think. Anyone ever converted to an IMS rod before ? Should I even screw with it or just take it in the gut and cough up the money for the honda part ? :thumbsup:

I have a good crank and rod for an XR600 if you're interested. Wish I had a good top end laying around too.

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