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2-Storke Troubleshootingt

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I took my 2019 Husky TE150(20 hrs on the bike) out for a ride today and noticed it lagged in power. with in 5 minutes coming out of turn it lugged and died. When i tried to start it up again it sounded like it just needed gas, but there was plenty in the tank. Its and electric start but even that wouldn't work, sounded like it was trying but couldn't. I got it going with a couple of kicks, it lugged a bit but got up to speed and back to my car but there was a clicking sound coming from somewhere. I couldn't get it to start again, even with the kickstart. I pulled the choke and it started fine, once i turned it off the idle only lasted 5 seconds. So Trouble starting, no idle and lack in power.

Any information on what could possibly be the problem or what i could try before taking it to a mechanic is appreciated.

Thank you!

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