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2015 TTR125 seized choke sleeve

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Hi all.


First time poster about an issue I'm having with my son's 2015 model TTR125. I bought the bike brand new and have only ever used 98 octane fuel in it.


After a bit of faultfinding I found that the choke sleeve was seized so I was unable to pull the choke.


I ordered another choke kit and I'll be installing it once it arrives. If that fails I'll be ordering a new carbi but I'm reluctant in spending $560 for another one especially if they haven't redesigned them to stop this issue from happening.


How do I remove the old choke which is seized in there? Can I drill it out or should I try another method?


I'm not sure how it corroded and seized so quick. He used the bike about 6 weeks ago.


Any suggestions appreciated.



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