First race!!! 3nd TransAtlandic Challenge

This saturday I'll be going to my first race, it is pretty big enduro competition here in Iceland, and I'm getting pretty exited, just wanted to tell you about this...

This I got from it's site "Klaustur offroad challenge"

"3nd TransAtlandic Challenge

Iceland 2004

Like last year this event will take place at Kirkjubaejarklaustur, a small town on the east coast of Iceland some 260 km from Reykjavik.

The surroundings for an off-road race could not be more appropriate, in clear weather you can see two glacier and one of them is the biggest one in Europe (and in both lurk volcanoes).

The format is like the Offroad Challenge series which is popular in central Europe, 6 hours of pure off-road racing, (well one contestant from Britain said it was like 6 hours of motocross racing, but he was more used to racing without turning in rally raids). You can race alone for 6 hours (not wise for anyone) or team up with a mate.

The race starts at 12:00 pm for everyone and it lasts for 6 hours till 6:00 pm.

The course is around 15 -20 km long and when describing it its fitting to quote Dirt Bike Rider editor Sean Lawless: "These quality zzzzzs turn out to be a bloody good thing too because the course is a bit of a bugger to put it mildly. Early on it's grassy going with lots of tight twists and turns up, down, over and around a series of big mounts before heading out into what is best described as a volcanic desert. The sand is dark, deep and super-fine so it´s a case of arse over the rear mudguard ..."

The entrance fee is 5000 icelandic kronur. "

I'm going to be race'ing single and have been practising, riding and runing and I'm feeling pretty confident and I'm looking very much forward to this, it will be pretty rough first experiense starting with about 180 riders trying to get the hole shot, I'll probebly be starting in 3rd, any advises would be greatly appreciated :awww:

There will be few big guys competing there, for example five time world champion Giovanni Sala, he will be riding with the Icelandic champion Einar Sigurðson. So I can say that I'll be race'ing Giovanni Sala next saturdagy :thumbsup:

I've been prepering my bike today, changing oil, cleaning the air filter, changing front wheel beerings, rasing my bars, putting my number on...

Here is a picture of my WR450f taken few minuites ago, the only mods I have done are grey wire, lights off for YZ plastics and I raised my bars (don't have to uncork, it's european :lol:).


And here are few of me taken today when I was prepering the beast :lol:




I'll tell you how it goes as soon as I get home after, probebly on the sunday, maby later though.

Hope you enjoyed this... :lol:


ps. They say it will be raining :thumbsup:

WOW, Snorri, that's a long race! It sounds like you are working hard getting prepared. I'm excited for you. Your gonna have fun. Advise? :awww: Hydrate, start a few days ahead. A good sports drink in your camelback will help give you some calories. You can mix it half strength so it won't upset your stomach. Ride your own race. Lots of guys will go out to hard, let them go. You'll see them later :lol:. Have a ball! :thumbsup:

Let us know how it goes. :lol:

I just came home, everything went well and I finished 6th. I started a bit to fast but it was just fun :thumbsup: The guys who were racing in pars started 1 minuite ahead of us in the single class, I was second to the first turn and caught the others after two turns or so, after the first lap I placed 90 overall of 150. I ended 118 overall. The track was very hard, most of it was sand whoops and the other part was very fun to ride, it was on grass at first but ofcourse it was mud after the first lap. My fastest lap was 32minuits. I will post some pics as soon as I get them. :awww:

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