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Had a great time and good memories at last race

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Had to promise Momma that I would quit the two wheel era dirt riding of my life.  Medical issues and such.  The last 'race' on my 230 was the 15th at a vintage track.  Asked the group if Lilly and I could run together for my last moto's.  They agreed she could run 'beginners' with me on her 150RB, she is only 12, I just had to hang back.  Really? Lilly lapped me by lap three, I or other 'beginners' could not keep up with her.  I did time it on last moto so we both took the last jump before the drop in woods, once, side by side, Momma and her Dad both got pics of that.  Memories for me, and 20years from now stories of her crazy 'grand pa'.  The 230 went home with another, as I sold it there.

But no 'rules' were stated by Momma other than no more two wheel dirt riding.  So I went out and bought a slightly used (only 12 hours on it) Polaris 570 ACE, single cockpit, roll cage, and fun as hell here on the 'farm' track.  Found scramble, and time trial racing in Iowa for next year, mod it up over winter, and away I go.  With Momma's stern looks of course.

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