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XR600R xr600r 1994 aussie r model wiring diagram

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Hi, I'm putting lights on an Australian 1994 xr600r r model. They were removed by a previous owner for trail bike use, the bike was originally road legal and all the wiring is still there. I have a manual for late 80s xr600rs that shows the U version running DC headlights with power supplied from the single regulator/rectifier via the turn circuit to the headlight/indicator/horn switch block. However on different threads on this site I've read that later model bikes either had a separate rectifier for the headlight or ran the headlight on ac from separate poles of the stator. I figure I might as well use LEDs as I have to install a new housing and globes but figuring out whether the existing headlight supply is dc or is ac and needs to be rectified would be easier with a wiring diagram, does anybody out there have a wiring diagram for the aussie 94 xr600r r?

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