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CanAm Defender pictures and reviews

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Hoping to see some reviews and pictures of the CanAm Defender. 

Here is mine:

I live up a mountain where there is no plowing in the winter, and we get huge powdery snow.  Bought this new with a 2 year warranty. Also came with wheels/tires.  Because this is more of a tool than a toy, I bought only what was required to do the "Job", to keep the price down.   That "job" is getting us from down at the base of the mountain where the car and truck park, up to the house in the winter. In the summer we use it to run to the dump site, go to the local reservoir, and into town to get the mail. 

These pictures, from last winter, are where the driveway is during summer.  

For options the dealer added a soft cab, heater, radiator block plate for winter, glass windshield with wiper/washer, street license kit (turn signals, horn, mirrors, license plate light), bed rails, along with the multipurpose tracks and the wide flares.  Just that was a bit over $23K out the door.  The idea is to build a removable top and cover over the bed for the winter, to haul the dogs, groceries, supplies, etc..

What would I change, if I had some extra cash?:  Hard top, and rear glass window with slider.  

Likes: Fuel injection starts and runs flawless. Great power for my use. Large fuel tank, and seems to have good fuel economy.  Large bed, not sure, but I think this is the biggest bed in the class right now;  Easy to maneuver with tight turning radius (single wheel drive switch). Tires wear like iron.  Easily runs 55mph on the road (on tires). Great visibility.  Great headlights. Easy to get in and out of.  Control layout is intuitive.  Easy and quick (less than an hour) to switch from tracks to tires & vice-versa.  Heater integration with defrost vents, works excellent.  Dash has great cubbies for storing gloves, etc..  4 cup holders (center seat folds down with 2 cup holders).  Removable Glove Box.  Soft doors are very easy to remove. For such a short wheelbase it handles great on rough roads with tight turns at road speeds.  I like the way the cab integrates into the ROPs.

Dislikes:  Loud!... really loud! Not the exhaust note so much, as just the engine noise. The track system requires the intake for the belt cooler to run behind the driver's seat (more noise);  Seating is bolt upright (makes a kitchen table chair feel like a recliner);  Very thin plastic floors.  Easily get punched through by sticks, and rocks kicked up by front tires;  Lots of heat in the cab, even with the heater turned off.  It's like the front of the cab isn't sealed from the radiator;   Have to keep the ice cleaned away from the axle CV boots. Ice builds up quick, and will slice right through the boots.

Would I buy it again?:  Oh you betcha, eh!  Other than the engine noise and bolt upright seating, all the other dislikes are small potatoes.  The "Likes" way out weigh the dislikes.  That said, I'm not a fan boy.  Would I look at a Polaris, Honda, or Artic Cat, when the time comes to buy a 4 seater?  Oh you betcha!  I would also really like to drive the new Pro version.  It looks to be on the four seater frame, with a longer bed.  That should help move the engine away from the small cab.  Down the road when I win the lottery, maybe I'd trade this in on the Pro version...

If you have a Defender, would be great to see your pictures and a review! 





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One year and 50 operating hours later, it went in for the first routine maintenance service. Two issues have come up over the year:

1). When placed in park, it doesn't always engage the park switch, so I have to pull it into neutral to get the engine to start. Dealer couldn't figure it out.  I'll adjust the cable/switch as needed this summer.

2). When cold, the engine is very doggy, until throttle is fully depressed.  So the throttle is more like an on/off switch, than a linear pot.  Dealer said I had the wrong octane... I'll fix it this summer. 

It has been awesome this winter, with all the snow (10' so far).  No matter how soft or deep the snow gets, the Defender doesn't get stuck.  I made a roof for the bed, and covered the top, back and sides with a tarp. Bed stays clean and dry. Tossed in some plastic totes to put supplies, groceries, etc. in and it works great.  Mounted a 5K winch from Harbor Freight, but haven't finished the install, as the fairlead bolt pattern doesn't match the bumper bolt pattern.  So I'll finish that this summer.  Added a FRP sheet over the soft top, so that the snow build up doesn't cave in the top. 

Might add a remote starter... this summer.   My neighbor has a Kabota UTV.  Super nice UTV with the diesel engine. He and I are going to build bed toppers for next winter.  He has one on now, but it is too heavy to lift the bed for engine checks, so he wants a lighter one.

The heater with defroster does a great job of keeping the cab warm, and windshield defrosted, even at negative Fahrenheit temps.  Takes about 15 minutes to warm the cab when temps are below zero. 

I watch people freezing on snow mobiles pulling sleds with supplies.  Watching them, I am so happy we bought this rig. :cheers: 

Couple of pics of the make-shift bed topper, and the plastic panel I bungied over the soft top. 



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