been thinking about upgrading the ole '93 xr250r for a wr250f or yz426f...found TT and have been reading up and why should i upgrade from something that runs like a tank regardless to something that i have to do a bunch of mods to just to keep it from fouling plugs?! am i missing something here? anyone run one mostly stock and not have any real problems?? TIA

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My 2000 YZ426 is totally stock with the exception of a few creature comforts (bars, triple clamps and oversize footpegs) and a Hinson clutch basket. I still run the factory jetting and haven't performed the BK Mod (but I might just because it appears pretty easy) and see no need to do the Blue wire mod - I have never fouled a plug except when I tried to crank it with the exhaust plug still in. All my suspension is stock, but I change the fork and shock oil every six months. I race MX 2-3 times a month and practice twice a week. Also, I am still running my factory set of fork seals with no leaks. Bottom line: best bike I have ever owned.

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I am running stock carb/jetting/pipe. The mods that I have done are because of crashes and having to replace parts because of those crashes. I haven't done anything to my bike to get it to start or run better. I am happy with the performance. The only thing I did to make it better in the woods is drop a tooth in the front, but that was 9 bucks. I have never had plug problems or starting problems.

This post looks very similar to Ahmad the quad gods flame thread.

This guy is lookin for a fight

I had originally experienced the plug fouling issue, but after a simple twist of the pilot screw on the carb...no more problems.

Originally posted by Jeep1994YJ:

been thinking about upgrading the ole '93 xr250r for a wr250f or yz426f...

...am i missing something here? ...

Yes. You're tired of riding a tank. :)

not looking for a fight. just wondering if these things are rideable week in and week out or if it will be in my garage in pieces more times than not.

and i like my tank :)

Upgrade, tanks are slow and have no suspension. Even with the jetting glitches there is no comparison. Suspension and power!! I traded with my friend on a XR 400, couldn't wait to get back on my 426 only problem was I couldn't catch him.

Your question sounds like 'why buy a corvette when a camery will run forever'? You're not going to find XR reliability in anything but an XR, but you're not going to find YZF performance in any XR. If you're only going from A to B and you want no maintenance then get the XR. The only design related problem I've had with my '01 426 is a cracked gas tank. Given the choice I would definitely buy this bike again. :)

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The YZ/WR is a race bike, despite the lights and other foof that comes on the latter. So a good portion of YZ/WR owners here race them, most of the rest would be considered serious trail riders bent on getting the most performance out of their race bikes.

That is why we are always looking for ways to fine tune the performance of these bikes. The kind of person that can be happy (all the time) on an XR 250 likely isn't riding for the same reasons.

The WR/YZ bikes are VERY reliable all things considered, but it probably isn't fair to expect them to be as reliable as an XR because they are updated annually, while the XR line hasn't changed in years, so they had plenty of time to engineer all the bugs out of it beforehand. No such luxury with the WR/YZ...

Hope this helps.

Other than having to do a few simple mods to my WR to make it more like the race bike it was born to be, my '01 250F has been a solid bike right out of the box. I literally beat the crap out of it week in and week out.

Other than the normal maintenance stuff like oil changes, etc., the time I've spent in my garage with it has been primarily for two reasons: 1) I want a little more performance than what came out of the box and 2) I tend to ride hard and I break stuff.

An XR for me would have probably ended up being pretty much the same story, except the WR gave me more to start with on the performance side. And being a newer design, it gives me a little more challenge on the "just riding it" side (primarily jetting). :)


Yes the YZFs are a little bit more maintenance intensive, they are a race bike. That being said, YZFs are a very reliable bike. I enjoy working on my bike, so I do it often but nothing has ever gone wrong with it. The difference in maintenance is pretty small and is far outweighed by the VASTLY increased fun factor of the YZF.

Before I bought my YZ400 I was on a XR600R. I had done a ton of work to make the XR as moto as possible, but there is simply no comparison between the two bikes. Everything on the YZ is better, everything.

In one day may riding improved leaps and bounds. I was kicking myself for struggling with my XR for as long as I did. At one point on my first ride with the YZ, I hit a jump and landed front wheel first in a whole on the backside. On my XR this would have been a near death experience, but on my YZ it just went bu-bump and sucked it up without incident . I literally had to pull over because I was laughing so hard. Getting my 400 was the best thing I have ever done for my riding.

Originally posted by Jeep1994YJ:

cool guys. thanks for your $.02

guess i need to go try and hop on one and see what i think...

Hop on one and hang on. If you like the way it rides, don't worry about the reliability issues as thet are rare. I still run the same ol engine in my 99 YZ400 as came out of the factory. The head has never been off, the rings/piston/rod/bottom end are all original, I have ran the same jetting for about a year with no problems. I've fouled one plug in the three and a half years I've had my bike. I can't say enough good things about my bike. I love it.

cool guys. thanks for your $.02

guess i need to go try and hop on one and see what i think...

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