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2019 Subframe

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FYI on the Sub-frame attachment point

Sent to the Dealer:
Thank you for taking my call.
I was at Cahullia Creek MX in SoCal. Cleared a 100’ table upon landing the silencer separated from the bike.
Initially I thought the attachment bolt had worked loose.  Not the case.  The actual attachment tab on the sub-frame failed. This is the correct FMF silencer for this make/model/year. Alignment is correct.The Bike has low hours, never raced or crashed.

After inspecting and discussing this with other riders and mechanics, I believe this was a weak cast.

Response from Kawi:
Because he has an aftermarket FMF muffler that is solid mounted and not rubber mounted like our stock exhaust it is causing this failure. the only way it could even be considered for goodwill is if it had never had any aftermarket parts installed on it. we are aware that the FMF exhaust does break our subframe mount off and FMF does supply a very small reinforcement bracket with them and i can see in his pictures that he did not get it or it is not installed, however the reinforcement they send does not make very much of a difference as it is very thin and breaks easily as well.  I am sorry but due to his aftermarket exhaust we cannot consider any goodwill on this.

Welded it up and went on my way. I ended up reinforcing this obviously weak, single tab/attachment point by building up the material.  Another 10 hours on the bike, so far, so good.  I had a few buddies on Facebook tell me the exact same thing happened to them. 

Guess Kawi is trying to get every ounce off the bike, but this is not a good spot to find that weight savings. 



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That’s some low quality AL. This should be in the Kx450 section instead of the Klx450r though.

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