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XR600R Crf wheels onto my 96 xr600r

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First thread ever in a forum

I'm desperate to get these crf/Excel wheels onto my '96 xr600r

If u know how hard/expensive it is finding xrr hubs/wheels u know why I'm pursuing adaptive machining instead of building another wheelset with the Excel hoops

I don't even know if spoke/hub angles match up with the hoops anyway

So, i saw a couple drawings posted of the specs for spacer collars/sleeves and thought i hit the jackpot, but with further reading, it broke my heart to find those were for xrl, which i believe it's enuff different to not work on my xrr

Definitely want rear wheel adapted, but up in the air about front cuz i also have usd fork set from the same cfr and may just do a full front end conversion. It'd be cool to have that 11mm main cylinder of cfr too for my street riding ??

Any help ?

Thank u ahead of time




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There just spacers .
Measure the original . Cut the new ones if too long . Have some made if too short. Just check distance from seeing swing arm on both sides sprocket and brake and adapt to make it work. Of course you need to check the axle diameter , but if not identical just replace the bearings and central spacer.
As for the front just swap the whole thing .
Honestly I would not go to the trouble unless the rims are really bent . I just recently replaced the front rim on mine witch was cracking .with one from a xt600 . Did it all at home . Holes lined up straight

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