How many out there are riding again after a long layoff

My last bike was in 1975 i sold my TM-125. Now i have a son 13 that got me started and i am very ,mad at myself for not staying with it years ago but cars and girls became more addicting.

I havent been ridding for a week and a half and I can hardly stant it!! :):D:D

I hadn't done any riding since 1985, last bike was a CR500. I stopped due to bad knees. I bought an '00 426 and was just amazed at how incredible the bike is.

Six months later, crashed during a race, torn ACL and bruised kidney. I have been basically injury free for over a year now, wear Asterisks knee braces ( great investment ). I love the bike and riding again. No regrets. :)

Got married and sold a Bultaco 250 and a Yamaha 750 triple in 1979. Got divorced and bought a 99 R1 and now have an 02 WR. 20+ years!!! Mid 40s now and have seen 175mph on the R1 speedo. Makes the 426 seem like a moped.

Last dirt bike was a 1992 KX250. Sold in 1994. Fun bike during college. Started realizing that it was taking me longer and longer to pick myself up off the ground...too much time invested in school; already had both knees reconstructed from Freestyle BMX (ohhh, the air time ).

Anyhow, bought a Kawabunga Vulcan in 1999 for street riding. Started bringing back memories of the dirt. Then built two S&S choppers :) . Fun stuff, but no air time. The kids had an XR50R and an I needed something too. I couldn't just sit there while they played in the dirt. So, 10 years later, 3 kids, and some cushion weight and I'm skyin' on a '02 426. Most kick a** bike I have ever ridden. For a while there, thought it was too much bike...but not any more.

33 year old in a 60 year old body :D

Last bike I rode was a Kawasaki 120 enduro, Bushmaster I think? 20+ years later, I buy the WR ride a few times on the track, once in the woods and find myself on the starting line of a GNCC :)

What was I thinking :D

Once my knee heals, I'll be trying the youngsters in the Vet C class.


I've been out for four months with three fractured vertabrae and it feels like years. I'm glad you guys are getting back into the sport after several years. The more the merrier. I'm going out for the first time next saturday on a nice little ride. :)

I quit riding in '76 and returned to it in '96.

I'm late to the game, 02 yz250f is the first bike i've owned. Love it, going to mx school to learn the skills to mx. 30 years old, just had knee surgery from playing too much basketball on concrete, just got the bike back from first service. Still cant ride yet, but I sit on it in the garage and dream, alot!

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Last bike I had before quiting around 1976 was a 1969 CZ 250. Came back in 1995 after two kids and 19 years. Three bikes later - now ride a KTM 400 and can't believe how fun ridding is now!! It's a great way to get together with a group of good guys and at 45 I've never been faster - I quess experiance has some advantages. It keeps me young and now have my two kids riding. :) Anyway it's great to be back in the sport and sooo glad to have great bikes to ride!! RIDE ON :D

I got back into riding after 7 years off. I would avoid bike shops as not to get the "fever". Ended up moving to an area that was conducive to riding and caved in. No regrets, don't race but I am having a hell of a good time rippin through the woods. Met some cool people through TT in the process! I'm 38 and figured I'm still young enough to do this, heck 58 is if you're in the right frame of mind!

The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth. :):D

I just bought a 01 YZ426 after a 3 year layoff. I had a 98 YZ400F sold because of a change of careers, now I am dying to race again +35 here we come.


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The last bike I had was a 89 RM250. Sold it in 90 and 12 long years later I picked up a 02 426. It's good to be back.

Also mid 30's.

last bike prior to the 426 that I rode consistently was a 74 Hodaka Super Combat. Sold it in 77 and then took about 21 years off for the U.S. Navy. Started again about a year and a half ago with the 00 426. Kinda like seeing your child born and then watching them graduate from college having missed everything in between. :)

I never owned a dirtbike until i was 35. I went trail riding with some friends 2 years ago and I was hooked. I just needed a bike. I bought a brand new YZ250 and rode it for a year and then sold it for a 2001 YZ426. I was and still am the envy of my group for having the first 4 stroke.

I stepped it up and have been racing in the +35 and 250 novice for a year now.

Most fullfilling sport I've been involved in. I just hope I don't get hurt :)

I had to move up with the "Big Boys" and wasnt to

competitive.This was at places like the old Saddleback Park,OCIR,Escape Country and Corona back in late 70's.Since my future wasnt in Moto I

decide to go to college and play football and get

an education.I promised myself to get a bike and

race again once I finished,well that was 20+ years

ago.I finally got first bike three weeks ago and

hope to race again(against my wifes wishes).I will

admit I'm hueavo-less,what's up with killer doubles and triples?In the last three races I've attended as a septator I'veseen three guys leave

the track in a life flight chopper.I guess I'll

take it slow and easy.

Like Otomanone, I quit in MX in '78 to go to college. My last bike was a 77 Husky 390. I loved that bike. Anyways, 20 years later a used 96 KX 250, then a new 2000 YZ426F. Now I love this bike.

I raced my last big series in late '96. Quit until about 8 months ago,and am back with a vengeance, in fact, I lost no speed, after I practiced for a couple months. The good thumpers make riding easier! And not to mention a TON of fun! :):D

Now all I got to worry about is whether or not to get a 2003 model!!!!

I didn't realize how many of use there are!!!

I rode and raced between 71 and 88 on a variety of different brands and sizes. The last purchase was an 85 RM250 that sat in my parents garage since I moved to Chicago in 88. I retrieved it a couple of years ago after moving to the suburbs, but gave only a half a#$ attempt at getting it running. A month and 1/2 ago, I got serious. Rebuilt the rear suspension linkages, new clutch, new fluids all around and 3-4 hours cleaning out the carb (I've never seen anything that nasty) and it fired up on about the 5th kick.

Since then I've ridden every weekend and I'm dreaming about new dirtbikes for the first time in 14 years. Current plans are to buy a 426 (WR vs YZ still being debated) within the next month (I know, 2003 are being announced tomorrow). Next on the agenda is a trip back to my parents garage to retieve a couple of projects, both are Husky WR 250s, a 79 and an 83. In addition, I might actually bring back a completely clapped out 76 Yamaha IT 175. I can't tell you how good it feels to get back into the sport. If all goes well (bruised tail bone heals), I'm hoping to race a couple of races before the end of the summer. Don't think I'll try MX anymore, but XC or hare scrambles would sure be fun.

I got a yamaha 80 trials for my 8th B-day and started my riding adventure of LIFE!

I bought and sold a couple of bikes and in 1987 I started with this crazy airline business and had to actually work!

I got rid of my 1985 XR250r in 1988 and bought a 1995 YZ250 in 1998 and started racing DEZ on it in 1998! (10yrs) ........Got tired of hearing that new 4stroker (98yz400f) go by me!!! 4strokers were never that fast when I had my 85 XR250r!!!!

The rest is history...........99 400fl.........

03' YZ450f!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION WIFE!!!!!!!!!! :)

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