PLEASE HELP:Having engine problems with wr stator on my yz 426

I carefully followed Electrex's instructions. Pretty simple really and even though the bike runs poorly, the lights worked fine...The vague part was where to attach the the cut and spliced wires I ended grounding them both, have a good spark and the lights work. I wonder if the the voltage is different with the wr stator and may require the wr CDI as well? By the way I have installed a voltage reg. as well. Hopefully I can get a answer from Electrex. At $200+ for a wr CDI, it would truly suck if it did not work either... :thumbsup:

I was told to NOT ground the pink wire coming from the stator. Just cap it off and call it good. This is how I have mine and it works great. The one thing I have learned is never buy a motocross bike to do the work of a offroad bike. :devil:

I just got off the phone with Ritzo at Electrex. He said that the .PDF file that they have posted on their website is what you need to do in order to run their dual sport kit, which requires a floating ground in order to charge a battery etc. If all you want to do is run a headlight, all you need to do is cut the Pink wire from the coil and attach it to ground. That's it. You DON'T unsolder the copper grounding wire, you DON'T cut the pink wire behind the connector block and install the female bullet and ground termainal. You just cut the pink wire from the coil and you can solder it to that existing copper wire grounding terminal and you're ready to run a standard headlight.

Updating an older thread here. My '02 is running poorly after the WR stator/flywheel swap. I believe they are from an '01. It starts and idles fine, but really hesitates now and pops when cruising at medium RPM's. This sounds to me like the timing is a bit advanced. I am going to pull the flywheel and stator and slot the mounting holes in the stator and adjust the timing to see if this fixes the problem.

The lighting output is awesome. I did the pink wire mod and am using a Trick Dual Sport kit.

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