LED tail lamp bulb

OK, did the stop lamp conversion on my WR426 tonight, installed one of those pressure switches (10X1.25) and installed an LED 1157 bulb, uses no energy and doenst rob from the lighting at all. I assume the LED bulb will be much more durable too! Anyway, getting more street legal all the time. Also added a trail tech computer for my speedo, now I only need a horn and DOT tires. But not going to do the DOT tires! I draw the line there.

Yeah, you gotta love LED tail lamps! The stock bulb draws something like, 10 watts and the LED draws only 1 or 2. I swapped mine our for an LED over a year ago and it's still going strong!

Why no DOT tires? There are some VERY aggressive DOT tires out there that you wouldn't even guess were DOT approved unless you looked at the sidewalls. We're not talking road slicks... :thumbsup:

Where do you buy these LED bulbs?

Autozone, Napa, Advance, etc.

Been running the LED light also for some time now. Very brite, low draw!


And I run DOT tires, yet I give up NOTHING off-road! Tera-Flex in the back, and Michelin Baja or Pirelli MT-18 in the front.

I draw the line with the plastic tank. :thumbsup:

There is NO WAY I can ever meet that requirement.


the only LED 1157 bulbs i've been able to find are red ones. red bulb, red lense. it doesn't seem that bright. has anyone been able to find white ones? they have to be out there.

the only LED 1157 bulbs i've been able to find are red ones. red bulb, red lense. it doesn't seem that bright. has anyone been able to find white ones? they have to be out there.

As one other poster mentioned, AutoZone has them in a two-pack for $15.99. VERY bright! :thumbsup:

all the auto zones around here have the red ones. i'll keep looking. if you still have the original package, could you check the brand? if you have to do more than look on the work bench, don't worry about it. thanks.

Actually, I believe I still have the package ON the workbench :awww: (I put the old bulb in the package.) I'll check this afternoon when I get home and post the information. :thumbsup:


Ok, I found the package on the workbench...just like I thought it would be. However (and yes, I'm feeling really STUPID right now :thumbsup:) they are RED led 1157's I installed.

The good news is their website has them in all different colors, including a super-bright white (and a wide angle model.)

Check them out here: JamStraight LED's

thanks dave, the link gave me the info i needed. i can now take a number to "the zone" and have them get it.

You're welcome! For what it's worth, the RED led's we have installed are very BRIGHT!! Although, having seen those wide angle 1157's I might have to try one of those. :awww:

Drop me a line and let me know how the white version works out. :thumbsup:

i thought you might get a laugh at my intent. bug the harley guys. we have a few at work that are more for show than go. maybe they all are! anyways, i want to ride my WR to work when it's good and dirty and park it with the harleys. as close as possible. i'd like nothing better than to leave a pile of dirt where i was parked. i only live two miles from work but i have to go through two small municipalities to get there. we're not required to have a brake light in missouri. but i don't want to give the local police a reason to even look it up. the stock bulb is okay but i can't help but want to make it better.

Bug the Harley guys...hehe :lol::awww:

There were several guys with their full-dress hogs at the testing center I went to in order to get my motorcycle endorsement. When I pulled up on the WR450, the looks I got were classic! The looks I gave them when they were running over the cones were even more CLASSIC! :thumbsup:

I bought the red ones a while ago and like an earlier poster said they are not very bright under the red lense. I will look to see specifically which ones they are (thanks to your website link) 'cuz the ones I bought are definately NOT bright enough. Maybe the I will have to order the super's or the wide's.


my white ones should be in this afternoon(auto zone). i'll post on the results and numbers.

well , the white "bulb" came today. i have to admit, i'm not impressed. $25.99 for one "bulb". the stock bulb is brighter and the light spread is much better. if your not right behind the bike, the LED doesn't show up very well. what a shame. iv'e got an LED flashlight that does a hell of a job. i'll be returning this one.

I ordered four different LED bulbs from www.superbrightleds.com. I live in Canada so I'll have to wait till they get here before I post results. :thumbsup:

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