which spark arrestor?

hey everyone, i am picking up my new 2004 yz450f tommorow and im gonna try and see if the dealer will throw in a spark arrestor for me.i need one because i ride mountains and i dont want to get stopped by a ranger or anything.do you guys have any suggestions as to what kind i should get? and maybe which one will give me alot of power gains?

thanks in advance

If you don't want to spend a lot of money for a new exhaust the Pro-Moto Billet end cap is the way to go. You can run without the SA on the track and install it for woods riding. I didn't notice any power difference with the SA installed so I just leave it in all the time.

The pro moto billet or the Dr. D are both probably about equal. I've sold both and never received complaints about either.

Pro Moto Billet. I have the silent insert also. Power loss is neg. Works great.

Does the DR D have the stamp on it somewhere that says it is approved for the forest?

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