Pictures of New YZ450F

New 450

It looks awesome with that carbon fiber frame. I bet it is light too. I know dirt rider said it was going to have new plastic this year but I did not expect it to look so much like the plastic from the 97-99 Honda CRs and to be offered in colors other than blue.

I was gonna respond, but I changed my mind...


that isn't 03 yz450f.thats a crf showing what modifications are necessary if they want to keep up with yz and wr' you can see it was necessary to replace the whole honda motor with a yamaha 4-stroke.for any honda owners considering this options there is goodnews.there are a lot of fisherman looking to purchase crf450 motors.check for article in next month's Dirt Rider magazine "tested honda crf450 motor makes great anchor"

OR!!! you could use it as a good vaccuum, sucks up dirt like a charm :)

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