ET Motopark in AZ

Anyone been to ET Motopark in AZ? Just wondering how it compared to all the other crappy tracks in AZ.

i havent had a chance to go to et motopark yet but heard that it is really nice, i live on the west side so it will be a little bit of a drive. but if it is nice it will be worth it :D:D:):D

I'm not a pro by any means, but I thought the track was have to learn how to do supercross obsticles if you want to at least stay semi competitive...I'm probably a slow intermediate or a fast novice, but at any rate I thought the track was fun...wide open...just a little too "Supercrossy" for me...I still think speedworld is the best track in AZ...unfurtanetly it is in @#!@!@ Whitman, and that is at least 30-60 minute drive from civilization. All the tracks in AZ are four stroke tracks it seems like (Which is no problem for me because I'm takin delievery of an 2003 CRF450 in the first week of july) I will rotate and go to speedworld once a week, and ET the other just to have another track in AZ.

Speedworld is still more "wide open," with more "motocross" obsticles. Don't get me wrong ET motopark is wide open...however it deff. has a supercross feel. The step up is huge, but you just got to close your eyes and give it more gas, its not that bad...and oh yeah, having your suspension revalved is the first type of money you should put into your bike regardless of skill level, because it is crucial for anyone who rides at tracks...

Didn't try the vet track, I was just trying to get the main one dialed in. Overall the track looks good, and its great because like I mentioned earlier it is another box of cereal to chose from.

If you ride MX you know tracks break down bad after a day of hard use (not to mention how many bikes were out there), it's just something you should learn to deal with...that is if you race. If you dont race and you dont want to ride on rutted out, dried up, broken down tracks get there nice and early. I'm not putting you down, thats just the way it is, there is absoloutly nothing wrong with not doing MX full time. Everyone owns a dirtbike for a different reason. I ride to race, and to get faster every time I go out there. Some ride trails and MX occasionaly. Some just ride desert, but whatever your box of cereal just remember to have fun, and dont take it too seriously... :)

been there 3 time in a week it's the best one yet. i didn't think we had dirt this and best of all NO ROCKS :D:D:)

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