Boot help!

I have a pair of '01 Tech 8's that I bought off of ebay last year. ($165 with two rides on them) They had ZERO wear on the soles!!

They are size 12's. (if that is important in any way)

My insole on the right boot is clean through, peeling off, and the sole is peeling/ripping/worn through too. The steel tip is bent back to missing. The left boot is in highly acceptable condition.

BUT, I noticed you can buy soles (including insole) for +/- $35.00. I am wondering, how do you change the whole sole?! Is it glued on like the insole? If so, I should only have to take a heat gun, melt the glue, YANK HARD, and heat up the glue on the replacement sole, stick it on, trim it, and viola! Has anyone done a whole sole replacement before?? If so, how tough was it, and how did it turn out? If it's too tough, I'll send em back to Alpinestars and pay them to put them on, but it's tough to be without my boots for a few weeks!


my friend took his tech 8's to a boot store to have his soles put on, im sure that would be cheaper than having alpinestars do it

i recommend you bring to a shoe repair co.most places charge about $25 to resole boot[not including sole].you ill end up throwing boots in trash if you attempt it yourself

Check ouy Alpinestars web site. I think you can buy just the insteps or the whole works.


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