stock 2000 yz426 exhaust....

anybody out there have one they might wanna get rid of? i bought the bike used and it has a WB E-series pipe on it, but it is crushed pretty good just before the silencer. with the bike i got the stock silencer, but no mid/headpipe. just hopin SOMEBODY on here still has a stock exhaust taking up room in the garage and might wanna part ways with it.

Ya I do

What do you need, I will be using the Stock header as soon as the E2 is out?

But have the mid and exhaust can

Virtually Show room, was removed by the shop and an R4 put on

Whats your price include shipping

On second thought

Here is what I will do

If you need just the can (Not the Header)

The E2 is due out on 6/7/2004 for the 426. I will be a happy person if that happens. But either way You Pay for shipping and the Can is yours (Only the Can) & Mid pipe

Will that work

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