Stupid Question - GYTR Magnetic Drain Plug

Okay, so I'm not so smart, but I know where to come for answers! I bought the GYTR magnetic drain plug, since I had my discount at the dealer where I bought the 450. Got it today, and I don't understand if it goes in the engine drain or the frame drain?? What adds to my confusion is that when I did my original oil change, the oil in the frame was much more dirty than the oil in the engine (I guess the filter is doing its job). So, do you want to keep the metal from going into the filter, or do you want to pull it to the bottom once it is in the cases?? Hmmm....

You can make fun of me if this is obvious, I just want an answer. Thanks!

Engine drain.

Thanks Anssi. You didn't even take the opportunity to poke fun! You Finlanders are nice! :thumbsup:

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