03 clutch, hinson or stock?

The Squid that I bought my 03 yz 450 from thought he was a mechanic, but he is just a simple minded moron!

I need a new clutch basket. The oil pump drive gear (secondary, between the clutch and oil pump) did not have the spacer? or was the wrong gear.... there was about 1\8th of an inch between the gear and the shaft...

so the gear was bouncing around , and wore half of each rivet off the back of the clutch basket!

new drive gear... $25, shaft $7, ... Basket $220, Or Hinson...

So what do you think I should do?

I have been using a Hinson for over two years and have been impressed with it.

During the install I had a few questions and some slight problems. I ended up calling the company. I was instantly transfered to Brian Hinson. Talk about someone who knows clutches...This guy was amazing. After dealing with him I would not bother calling anyone else.

The cost was about the same (stock - Hinson) for me. So I put in the Hinson. I have had that set-up before and it was good. This has been no exception. It works great.

Call Rocky Mountain ATV for a Hinson basket. Cheapest around. Only about $190 for the basket plus rubber cushions. Make sure the model you order has those cushions or you'll have to order them separate.

i've got the full hinson ... it's like butter ... night and day over the stock '03

The stock '03 clutch has been dinged repeatedly for chattering, heavy feel, and generally unsmooth operation. I didn't get to ride very many YZ450s before I bought mine, so I can't speak to that. On the other hand, mine came with a Hinson. It's absolutely perfect.

The stocker is a pot metal cheap junker!

The Hinson is a really nice unit. Much more better! You will also not get any shavings in the oil from the basket wearing. kind of nice to drain the oil and NOT see any shavings for once!


Thanks guys!

I bought the Hinson basket, and I'll clean up the inner hub. a new set of plates and I'll be riding!

have a great weekend!

AND go riding!!!

thanks again


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