Flywheel for Motocross

I've been using a Zip-Ty Flywheel on the MX track for a while and I like the way it works. But now I wondering if I really need it? When I raced without it (stock), I stalled in corners more than I would like to admit. I know that using a flywheel, you can brake alot harder in corners. But I'm wondering if I'm sacrificing acceleration out of the corners? I started with a 10 oz. and that worked OK, then, I removed it and turned it down on my lathe to 8 oz. and that's where I'm at NOW. I hate to remove it all together because I'm afraid I'll start stalling occasionally. Does anyone have any thoughts? Any suggestions will be appreciated. QUOTE]

8 ounces will not reduce your acceleration very much. if 8 oz extra flywheel weight keeps your engine burning during a race, then thats a small price to pay to avoid the embarassment of stalling while in the lead of a moto.

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