Where are your forks in the clamps???

I'm trying to gather some feedback on a subject I'm sure you salty's have posted about until you're blue in the face. But being new here...here it goes.........

Where are your forks in the clamps (level, 5 mm, 10 mm, 1 inch)? I'm trying to find where the line is for a better turning BRP vs. a twitchy BRP without having to go out and tankslap one myself!

Any of your thoughts or stories would be appreciated!


I ride in the woods and set them about 8mm above the top triple clamp. I also ride to work, at speeds approaching 70 at times, with no headshake. HTH

I also have my forks set lower than stock. Mine are between 8-10mm. It definitely makes the bike easier to ride in the woods and I've had no problem with what people call tank slapping-just pop a wheelie and it goes away! :thumbsup:

I've run mine 11mm above the top of the triple clamp with no ill effects at 90+mph.

I have a kouba lowering link on now and the forks are 31mm above the top of the triple clamp. The BRP now turns likes a sportsbike. Everything worked out great with the upgraded springs as well: Race sag 100mm, static sag 25mm. I have not experienced headshake. Later I added the GPRv2 stablizier and I am even happier in sand.


Did you do the Kouba link because of your height or was it an effort to get the center of gravity lower on the bike or help the steering? With the lower height did it affect anything off-road (ie. clearance, etc.)? Thanks, Lee

I replied in a PM to Husky before I saw this in the XRforum:


I 5'-8'' so I did it mostly for height and it helped greatly. The big unexpected benefit in handling was a bonus. The GPRv2 raises the handlebar up because the stabilizer is now underneath the bar. This and a high bend bar would give you a more comfortable riding position. The kouba link alone simply lowers the bike about 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 inches, however you will have to readjust your sag. Some people say it may affect your spring selection. I had already resprung for my weight plus gear and was a little on the stiff side. When I installed the kouba link I had no issues setting sag.

If you have any more questions please ask.

Does the 1 1/2" to 1 3/4" take away from your ground clearance? I ride a lot of woods with roots and rocks and other typical obstacles and do not want to lose any ground clearance. I too am vertically challenged at 5'8 1/2" :awww:. Hey there shorty :thumbsup:

I'm interested in the Kouba for the handling aspect too. At 6' 2" the height of the bike is not a problem but I'm wondering by lowering how it'll affect the handling without picking up every root, rock and rut along the way!



Who are you calling shorty? :awww:

Yes, you give up some ground clearance, but I haven't run into anything in my environment (desert)where it has made a difference. The ruts I get into aren't as deep as the front axle. I can hit all kinds of big potholes and some good size rocks without hitting the skidplate. Bigger rocks I would want to avoid just so I wouldn't flatten a tire or bend a rim.

I don't deal with fallen trees or roots around here. :lol:

As long as I am posting I want to tell you all about my GPRv2 stabilizer. I was in a area that is very primitive, a single lane with two deep ruts, usually partially filled with sand. I think someone who uses that badly worn access road decided to fill in the worst ruts with sand. So now its two deep ruts filled with sand with a small sand berm on the hardpack center. I cranked the GPR up to about 3-3/4 and dove in. The bike wandered but with total confidence and I had a blast going through that stuff. Never slowed down, feet on pegs and a smile on my face.

The GPR also soaks up big potholes and rocks with ease.

Every cent that I spent on the GPR was worth it. :thumbsup:

Follow up.

Measured the ground clearance.

Before Kouba link: 12"

After Kouba link: 11 1/4"


You mentioned handlebar risers with the Kouba Link. Was that so you could pull your forks up higher without hitting the bottom of the handlebars? I guess to compensate for the lower rear ride height? If so, who made the risers? And are they triple clamp specific? :thumbsup:



If you are talking about stock, then the cheap fix is to take a set of top clamps and turn them upside down and then mount the handlebars on top of them. You need a second set of top clamps and longer bolts(which I can help you out with). The disadvantage is that the bars are pushed closer to you because of the rake of the steering stem. This was pointed out to me on TT in a nice way. :thumbsup:

If you add a GPRv2 kit you get a new top triple clamp and the bars are raised above the stabilizer.

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